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Dharma, Karma and Moksha: The Timeless Truths


Pankaj Seth is a Naturopath, Ayurvedic consultant, Yoga teacher and filmmaker based in Toronto. His lifestyle and methodology is grounded in what he calls ‘a consciousness-first approach’. Pankaj Seth’s Naturopathic medical practice of 25 years […]

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The Deeper Significance of Saucha or Purity


The first of the niyamas or the observances mentioned by Patanjali is what in Sanskrit is called saucha or purity. Here again, we are likely to associate purity with the usual meaning of it, its […]

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Paripurna Ustrasana / Full Camel Pose


The term Paripurna Ustrasana comes from the following Sanskrit terms – “Paripurna” meaning complete or full, and “ustra” meaning camel. This pose and the beginners’ option Ustrasana mimic the shape of a camel hump.

Chakra […]

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy for Iliopsoas Syndrome


Iliopsoas syndrome, also called iliopsoas tendonitis, is an under-reported and under-diagnosed clinical problem.  Ballet dancers often suffer from this.  It can occur in runners, hurdlers, high jumpers and many other athletes.  […]

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Yoga Therapy for Ear Disorder


In every activity in our daily life, we communicate with Panch Maha Bhuthas (The Five Elements). This is communicated either automatically or through reflex action. In other words, we do not have any conscious recollection […]

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International Yoga Day


International Yoga Day is a day to celebrate and bring awareness of yoga to the community.  We would like to take this opportunity to raise funds for the Andiappan  Yoga Community (AYC) to support […]

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Why We Teach Yoga


YAC Yoga Program for Women Recovering From Breast Cancer at Tuen Mun Hospital “I feel more comfortable after doing yoga. It helps to relieve the body aches from [chemo] treatments. That’s why I came today, even though my body is still quite sore from the recent chemo.” — Kam, YAC/TMH Yoga Program Participant


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