Yoga Feature

Interview with Vanessa Long

 The Practice Asana: How did you start yoga?  Vanessa: My first experience with yoga came when I was in early high school. In one of the dance intensives I was taking there was ...

Yoga, Music & Medicine

From a renowned yoga family, Dr Lakshmi Andiappan (“LA”) is an experienced yoga practitioner, talented musician with medical background.  She is one of very few female teachers who hav...

Yoga Practice

Eka Padangusthasana / Perineum Pressure Pose

Apr 21st, 2016

This month’s featured pose is Eka Padangusthasana. The name of the pose is derived from the terms “Eka” or one, “pada” or foot, “angusta...

Dwi Pada Sirsasana / Both Legs Behind The Head Pose

Jun 13th, 2015

To break down the Sanskrit name, Dwi means two, pada means leg and sirsa ...

Eka Pada Koundinyasana/ One-legged Pose dedicated to Sage Koundinya

Feb 17th, 2016

This month’s featured pose is Eka Pada Koundinyasana. The name of the pose is derived from the terms “eka” or one, “pada” or foot/leg, “Koundinya” who is a ...

Ayurveda Talks

Concepts of Natural therapy

Oct 2nd, 2015

“Old may not be gold...but definitely has a very good hold on present day interventions”, especially in the vast field of medicine. Health is not a bottle of “tonic...

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