Kundalini Chakra Wall Chart

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Size: W 19" x H 29"

Paper Type: 170GSM Foreign Art board with Clear Lamination with Sticker option.

ISBN: 9799889982898

Colour: Multi-colored

Language: English

Features of the Kundalini Yoga Wall chart:

This chart offers a simplified explanation of the Kundalini Chakra and its qualities. It is specially designed to provide new yoga students an easy way to learn and understand the Kudalini chakra and its concepts.

Each chakra is clearly marked and classified according to its appropriate colour, location, elements, mantras, related organs, Yantra, sense associations, asanas, planets, etc.

In addition to the Kundalini chakra, this chart also features many other aspects of the yoga practice:

Pancha Koshas - The five layers of Consciousness
Pancha Pranas - The five main energies and their chakra representations
Three Nadis - The three main energy channels and their characteristics
Three Doshas - The three elements in our body and their characteristics
Three Gunas - The three Qualities and their characteristics

Printed on a high quality foreign art board with clear lamination, this chart offers a quick and easy introduction to Kundalini yoga and its connection to yoga philosophy. The poster is best framed and posted on a wall in your yoga studio or home, and is a must-have for every yoga practitioner.

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