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Yoga for Kids


In an increasingly over-stimulated world, everything from online learning during a pandemic to social media pressures, life for children has become busy and stressful. Children can find it hard to exp...
Jul 19th, 2022
Yoga Feature

Practising Yoga for Happiness

What is happiness? Is it something acquired from sources outside of the self, is it something found within every human being, or is it something carefully developed within us? Studies on happiness ove...
Nov 18th, 2017
Yoga Philosophy

Influence on Your Decision-making

The way we make decisions in our life is a measure of how well the practice of meditation and yoga has been inculcated. It is extremely important to realise that in any situation, you have the power t...
Aug 24th, 2016

By a Thread

The indigenous people of the American Southwest - the Dinhe’ – known to the English speaking world as Navajo, are famous for their high-quality and beautiful handcrafted wool rugs. People s...
Aug 17th, 2016