Influence on Your Decision-making

Aug 24th, 2016

The way we make decisions in our life is a measure of how well the practice of meditation and yoga has been inculcated. It is extremely important to realise that in any situation, you have the power to choose whether your response to that situation will be passive or pro-active, positive or negative, indifferent or attentive. You choose what action you take and how you feel. But do you exercise your power of control all the time? You need to check which factors influence your decision-making and push you in one direction or the other? There are many factors that control and limit your power to make the right, and more importantly, free choices. These factors primarily include the influence of people who dominate your way of thinking, your beliefs, your attitudes and even your complete personality. We are also limited by the influence of our fears, attachments, desires, biases or other negative and waste thoughts, which result in a lack of focus.

There are a lot of people who are not used to thinking for themselves, or prefer being a ‘yes’ man, going along with what others think and say, without having an opinion of their own. Also, as you pass through your childhood and teenage life and enter adulthood, you acquire many preconceived ideas or beliefs from your family and social and cultural environment; that is why you assume that some things or people are always positive scivolo gonfiabile and others are always negative when, in fact, that’s not necessarily true. This directly affects the type of decisions you make each time there is a requirement for one. In any particular situation, courage, wisdom, high self-esteem and focus are required to sit down calmly and make an assessment about the possible choices before you, and then finally make the right decision. The more you practice relaxation, positive thinking and meditation, the more you rise above all the factors with negative influence mentioned earlier, and the more you experience the positive qualities and powers mentioned earlier and exercise your power of choice accurately and with confidence.

With whom does the choice to make your decision lie? Are you going to be dominated by your fears and others’ negatively powerful influences, which paralyze your judgement power and confuse you sometimes, or are you going to exercise your choice? When someone dominates you, they control you and make you feel irritated and frustrated; they satisfy their own ego by controlling you and bringing you under their influence. You need to decide whether you are comfortable being a victim of others by being the one who can satisfy their ego.


Photo Contribution by  Melinda Juang

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