The Seven Types of Happiness by Shai Tubali

Apr 21st, 2020

Hello. My name is Shai and I am a sixth chakra type. We all have a sixth chakra – a “third eye” – but this energetic center is where I find meaning. I enjoy true happiness when my mind works at its optimum: when I gain extraordinary insights through keen observation; when I dig into the depths of existence and unveil the hidden patterns of creation, mankind and the cosmos.

No doubt, this is my thing. However, we are all different and the capacity to recognize why we find our deepest happiness in certain moments is highly significant. These moments hold the key to our soul-fulfillment. If we follow them, we no longer need to wonder where our happiness lies and why, on the other hand, we often feel unfulfilled. The principle is simple: self-fulfillment has a unique characteristic, which is transmitted to us through an energetic message – that of profound happiness.

The self-development bookshelf is overflowing with formulas for happiness. Yet, as solutions for our own self-quest, they are limiting. The truth is that they can give insights into meaning only if they fit precisely with our own chakra type. This was my exhilarating discovery (again, discovery!) as a chakra researcher: the more I looked into this ancient system, the more I realized that these centers reveal seven major types of self-fulfillment. In reality, there can be no one prescription for happiness and meaning, because each chakra contains its own world of self-realization.

Of course, we need to cultivate all of these seven centers. No one can claim they have become fully realized without learning to set destinations and fully achieve them (third chakra), open their hearts (fourth chakra), and speak out their truth (fifth chakra). We do, however, have inherent bias toward certain chakras, and our “preferred” chakra is our window to the world: the way we interpret and react, and the reason we value certain experiences more than others and respond more strongly to certain truths.

So much depends on our capacity to recognize this unique type of happiness. If we try to follow someone else’s path of joy, we can easily end up lost. Which chakra type are you? See if you can recognize yourself in any of these brief outlines.

First Chakra Type: “The Builders”
This type sees the world as a space to build in. There is no greater meaning in life than the one found in steady work to strengthen roots. They are attracted to forms, shapes and anything that can become tangible. They are not so interested in the “why” of things. They would rather ask: “ How does the world work?” Their motto is that “God is in the details”. Since this is a world of action, they require repetition: establishing patterns of behavior based on perseverance and diligence. They are suspicious about anything impulsive.

Is this your sentence? “The world is an opportunity to build something solid – diligently
establishing stability and peace of mind.”

Second Chakra Type: “The Artists”
The phrase, “Live fast, die young” suits this type. To them the world is an amusement park with many attractions to experiment with. To understand life they must enter it with totality. Dominated by the emotional center, they want to feel everything, positive and negative alike, as strongly as possible. They feel alive by sourcing ultimate pleasures; when they find the best food, the best music, or the best landscape. They quickly get bored when things stop stimulating their senses and conclude that real life must be “elsewhere”.

Is this your sentence? “The world is a field of endless adventures and we are here to fully
experience all of them and, hopefully, miss nothing.”

Third Chakra Type: The “Achievers”
“Achievers” perceive life as potential. Through determination, potential can be realized, thus turning life into a “success story”. They want to experience confidence, power, control and self-expansion. They believe living fully involves meeting ambitions. They experience happiness when they reach a goal. To them, the true self is a warrior and the mission is for spirit to gain victory over the weak flesh. They view the world as a mythology of heroism.

Is this your sentence? “I don’t believe in good intentions; I want to see results. That is why
marking a target and striving to conquer it with everything I’ve got is how I find meaning in life.”

Fourth Chakra Type: “The Caretakers”
To “Caretakers”, the world is a space of emotional exchange. It is as if the world came into
being just for the flow of giving and receiving. They believe that this is why people meet and why everything happens. The top priority in such a world is relationships. Wholeheartedly loving and caring for their child or partner is their most meaningful experience.

Is this your sentence? “The world is a space of emotional bonding and we are here to realize
our maximum potential as love in a human form.”

Fifth Chakra Type: “The Speakers”
To “Speakers”, the world provides opportunities for expression. The possibility of making a
change is the force that ignites their passion. It is an inner vision that concerns not only their life but also that of others. They are dreamers, seeing inside themselves a possibility of another reality. For them, moments of deep exchange create happiness. They see the world as a space for manifestation so, in the hopes of deepening their impact, often seek to “organize” their beliefs, forming structures and movements.

Is this your sentence? “I love standing in the middle of different types of people and systems
and building bridges between them.”

Sixth Chakra Type: “The Thinkers”
The world to “Thinkers” is a riddle that calls for investigation. Life is to be observed. These
intense free-thinkers watch the game but don’t really play it. Their one true love is wisdom, as philosophy, by definition, is “love of wisdom”. Thinkers are driven to understand what happens in the “mind of God”; they have an intuition that the universe is full of intelligence, which they want to understand. They find ultimate happiness when they can use their brainpower for a noble purpose. When they achieve a union of minds, they are fulfilled.

Is this your sentence? “The world is a space of endless learning and knowledge and our role in it is to stretch our intelligence and understanding as much as possible.”

Seventh Chakra Type: “The Yogis”
This type’s world view is founded on their intuition that they don’t belong to creation but rather to the great spirit. Life is a divine play: an eternal game of hide and seek in which spirit plays with itself through myriad forms yet secretly knows all along that only it exists. They consider the world a veil that must be removed to reveal the spirit. They only find meaning in their inner journey, delving into consciousness and working towards spiritual enlightenment. They are happiest when they feel they have succeeded in transcending earthly attachments. They find no greater fulfillment than by going back “home” as fully released souls.

Is this your sentence? “The most fascinating and exciting experience in life is the inner journey.”


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