Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Nov 11th, 2017

Deciding to become a Yoga teacher isn’t a decision to take lightly. Becoming a Yoga teacher is likely to be a long and challenging experience but ultimately rewarding and fascinating.

SBC Yoga, which is based in Australia, has been offering Yoga courses and Yoga teacher training retreats, with forthcoming courses and retreats in Bali, Thailand and Australia. Asana had an opportunity to speak to its owner, Zoe Trenwith about Yoga teaching training.

Asana (“A”): There are many Yoga schools or studios providing Yoga teacher training. What make SBC Yoga unique?

Zoe (“Z”): SBC Yoga aims to provide high quality teaching at low prices to make Yoga teacher training more accessible. In other words, we talk less about money but more about enjoyment of Yoga practice.

A: From your perspective, when is one ready to pursue teacher training?
Z: For me the decision was easy, yoga changed my life and I wanted to share this with others. I had been practicing consistently for 2 years when I was asked to start teaching. This doesn’t happen for everyone. But if you find yoga is your passion and you can’t wait to get to class then it might be the right time to share the joy and love Yoga has given you with others. You might be feeling unfulfilled in your current work and want to make a change, why not do something you love instead. You may even just want to take your practice deeper. These are all great reasons to undertake a yoga teacher training. As a teacher, you inspire others and change lives. This may seem like a grand idea but seeing a student’s transformation in mind, body and spirit is amazing. Being part of that process is extremely rewarding.

A: Is it so easy to jump straight into teaching?
Z: Work part-time if you choose. Yoga is a flexible profession and you can supplement your full time work with teaching Yoga part-time. One of the great things about being a Yoga teacher is being able to set your own hours. The freedom to choose when you want to teach and making this fit in with your own schedule. Many mothers teach during the day while their kids are at school. Full time workers teach early morning or evening classes outside of their normal 9-5 schedules. The options are endless.

A: This certainly sounds compelling. Are there other benefits apart from the flexibility of teaching?
Z: Yoga is a great form of physical exercise. Being a Yoga teacher ensures you’ll stay fit and active through your work. It’s much better than sitting at a desk all day. You’ll also be surrounding yourself by like-minded people who have a focus on health and vitality.

A: We suppose another benefit is that the teacher gets paid to do what they love. Z: Indeed! What better way to make a living than to do what you truly love. 83% of the work force worldwide don’t like their job!! Why not teach what you love and make Yoga your career. To truly love your job and follow your passion is a great feeling. In addition, you can forget the office politics, crazy bosses, long hours, unhappy co-workers and overtime. A Yoga studio is a positive environment. People come to de-stress, be healthy, happy and enjoy life. How great would it be to be a part of that every day?

A: And hosting retreats in places like Bali! We do not suppose office work allows that often. Z: This could be the beauty of it too. Being a Yoga teacher gives you a unique opportunity to travel for work. The possibility of hosting yoga retreats in amazing locations worldwide or even travelling and teaching along the way. Many resorts now offer Yoga as part of their health and fitness programs and they are always looking for teachers to stay and teach at their resorts. Yoga is so widespread know you can teach anywhere in the world.

A: It seems that you have planned quite a number of Teacher Training and Retreats already.
Z: Yes, in April, we are hosting another Yoga Teacher Training at Bali Mountain Retreat. This is an ideal location for a transformational journey that combines Bali life and culture. In July, we have arranged for a 7-day retreat at the Gaja Puri resort on Kai Bae Beach in Thailand. I have already set the dates in 2013 for a Yoga journey to Rishikesh, India. The 10-day retreat in February would be another amazing experience.

About Zoe Trenwith
After many years working for other Yoga schools and assisting in the running of various teacher trainings both in Australia and overseas, Zoe felt that these trainings could be improved. This brought forth the creation of S.B.C.
Zoe’s passion for Yoga has led her to study in Byron Bay, Bali, India, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. She has studied with Peter Clifford,
Zoe’s passion for Yoga has led her to study in Byron Bay, Bali, India, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. She has studied with Peter Clifford,
Zoe’s desire to help others led her to become a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Thai Massage Therapist and Massage Therapist. Today Zoe aims to inspire and teach others through guiding them to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals. When she is not practising Yoga, one can expect to find her spending time with her friends, family and her four dogs.
SBC Bali teacher training is running a 231 hour (27 days) Yoga teacher training course that takes place from 10 April to 6 May in a beautiful mountain retreat in Bali. For more information, visit or email

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