Ajna Chakra (The Eyebrow Centre)

Aug 17th, 2017

Intuition, command, communion are a few simple words to describe the potential of this magical chakra which gives us the understanding of higher levels of consciousness.

Ajna chakra is the sixth chakra representing the highest psychic point in a person; at this level, an individual aspirant experiences, the ability of knowing the sensitivity of one’s own mind as well as developing the understanding of communion between two minds. This is the relativity of thought transference in which the mind is the medium of communication. Ajna chakra is also called the third eye or the eye of shiva or the eye of intuition.

Ajna chakra is the seat of the mind, the intelligence in a person that develops due to the process of purification of the mind. At this level of chakra, the psychic ability of a person gets effective knowingly. The aspirant starts to know and understand the actuality of all visible things. As one progresses, ajna gives direct knowledge to an individual about the mind of the other. At this point, a practitioner needs to practise detachment so that the same awareness can harness wisdom. The psychic potential one gains should not become a barrier. After all, it is only a way to observe the negative and positive of a person and then to work on own wiser side.

Element: Mahat higher mind
Colour of the Element: Indigo
Aspect: Conscience; psychic, emotional and mental intelligence and intuition
Seed Sound: Aum (Om)
Predominant sense: Sixth sense or higher mind
Sense Organ: Pituitary gland
Number of Petals: Two
Colour of Petals: White

Traditional Symbology

Ajna chakra is symbolised by a two petalled lotus. On these two petals are the sun and the moon with two mantras “hum” and “shum” representing the ida and the pingala nadis. These are also the two mantras for shiva (conciousness) and shakti (energy). In between the petals is a circle with an inverted triangle. In the triangle is a shiva lingam with the mantra aum on it.

Chakra Location

Ajna chakra is located at the back of the brain in the mid brain region near the pineal gland. It is in a straight line with the eyebrow centre.

Practice for Ajna (Inner Trataka)

Eyebrow center gazing is a good practice to awaken ajna chakra.

1. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture of your choice. Take some time to quiet the mind and make the body still and comfortable.
2. Totally relax the whole body and start to observe the incoming and outgoing breath.
3. Once the awareness is on the breath, with an inhalation, raise the awareness to the eyebrow centre and experience the empty space in front of the closed eyes.
4. Once the awareness is fixed on the space, try to visualise a tiny candle flame, initially think of the flame and let the symbol of the flame appear with time.
5. Practise ten to fifteen minutes every day to gain good results.

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