Aug 7th, 2015

Artist: Alupran
Album Title: Naturaleza y Cuarzo
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Availability: Amazon | Beatport | iTunes

Naturaleza y Cuarzo (Nature and Quartz) is a field recording project developed by sound therapist, artist and yogi, Alupran; touching alongside sacred grounds within Santiago, Chile to just south of Villarrica, Araucania. Alupran, in the Mapundungun native language to the Mapuche of modern south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina means, ‘ascend to the highest’. Just as trees, how deep their roots are the highest they get.

Alupran creates a union between earth-tones and multi-cultural instruments in hopes to meet this meaning by providing a medium for listeners and yogi practitioners alike to ascend with their higher self; however they are guided to do so.

These soundscapes recorded the energy and magic created by water flow, wind, bird chatter and other earth elements, and have been mixed to be produced over live recorded Tibetan and quartz bowls, Shakuhachi flute, Sioux flute and a hint of additional smaller layers of ethnic instruments. The Nature and Quartz project is focused on allowing its uses for acoustic therapy, relaxation, meditation, yoga, reiki and creation for everyday life.

Ovnimoon Records and Alupran provides ASANA Journal readers with one free song download, titled ‘Leufu Tolten’ for your enjoyment.

Artist Q&A w/ Ryan Farish

Q: Josh East
I must say, there are not many Tibetan and crystal bowls projects composed over natural soundscapes. How did this idea or guidance come to you?

A: Alupran
It all start in Santiago during a sadhana yoga practice, the same time when I began to start recording the ‘Nature Sounds’ soundscapes album with songs of crystal birds. After that, we decided to live in Villarrica which was like heaven to record soundscapes, allowing myself to search and go deeper in connection with the original roots. We want to preserve the beautiful places in Chile through the music to help one be more aware with nature, inside and out.

Q: Josh East
I see that you are associated with a Chilean yoga center which provides reiki, sound therapy and hatha yoga. Which practices do you instruct and for how long have you been teaching for?

A: Alupran
I instruct all three with my wife who also teaches sound therapy, as well as Thai massages, and uses Bach flowers in her practices. We’ve been involved

Free Track Download – ‘Leufu Tolten’

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