An Introduction to Chakras

Aug 13th, 2017

Many of us approach Yoga from the pure physical opening. I know that I did. When I first started Yoga 13 years ago, I had a specific aim – to stretch my body and decrease the pain in my body. I am happy to say that it worked. The journey to the release was a lovely, bumpy and interesting one! I realised that the physical pain was connected to my emotions, my thoughts, my worries and all of the layers of pain that I had shoved down into my body. It was a foreign concept to me.

As a physician, 10 years of medical school inflatable slide did not give me this awareness. I had no idea that the pain someone is experiencing in their life was actually connected to their emotions. Yoga was truly life transforming. I had no idea that this information was even available.

When we look at the charka system, the energy centrer, we can see that this knowledge is actually documented and well studied. It is only in our Western Medical domain that we do not give credence to this beautiful, awe inspiring study.

The charka system or energy centers in our body often become blocked by long held tension and low self-esteem. Physical postures have been well studied that correspond to each charka and when done regularly can release the block from the body. As a result, we are able to live free of these old fears that are often stagnating our life.

The charkas are believed to be arranged in a vertical line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel and these wheels are believed to spin. Each Dr Divi Chandna charka is actually associated with biological functions in our body.

Through understanding the Chakra system, we can se that our external life and internal habits, life limiting concepts, self-esteem and chronic mental tension can produce imbalances in our charkas. When left over a period of time, these charkas do not spin as they should. As a result, if the imbalance is left it can result in an actual physical disease and dysfunction.

Chakras can be re-balanced through regular practice of Yoga postures and meditation. This allows the energy to balance and allow any energy to clear.

Personally, I have seen the amazing affects of Yoga and meditation on clearing many diseases, including thyroid disease, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, chronic physical pain and more.

The practice of Yoga is truly amazing and mind-boggling. Such an ancient art of healing has been well studied and documented in ancient texts. Western Medicine has its role, especially with the acute ailments.

If, however, you suffer from a chronic disease, it is more than likely related to an imbalance in your charkas that started many years ago. Regular practice can actually release and allow your body to step into its natural way of being.

Bottom line: roll out your Yoga mat, rain or shine, and practice. You will be glad you did! About the Author Dr Divi Chandna is an MD, Certified Medical Intuitive, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Author, International Speaker, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reconnective Energy Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner inflatable water slide and a MOM! She combines all of her gifts and loves to help guide people to improve their own health and overall well-being. The true road to ultimate health is the connection with the Self. Dr Divi uses her gifts as an intuitive healer to help guide clients on this fun, exciting and exhilerating path! She gets excited watching people connect with their true self full of love, and release the fears which are holding them back. Through this work, they step into their healthy, wealthy, happy selves.

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