Anahata Chakra (The Heart Chakra)

Aug 15th, 2017

Chakras are the full potential ability of a person. It is so believed that one can reach the highest form of consciousness progressively by activating these chakras. In science, it has been proven that an average person uses a very small fraction of the brain and other areas of the brain remain dormant. Gaining mastery over the chakra system and using the focus of the mind as a tool to influence the energy flow jumping castle of a chakra helps a person to grow in the psychic realm exploring the hidden potential of the brain. This in turn awakens the psychic and mental bodies, making it possible for one to experience higher planes of consciousness which are normally inaccessible. The chakras mainly are seven in number.
This month, we continue with the heart chakra – Anahata Chakra.

Element: Air
Colour of the Element: Gray
Aspect: Emotions
Seed sound: Yum
Predominant sense: Touch
Sense Organ: Skin
Prana: Prana
Number of Petals: Twelve
Colour of Petals: Blue
Traditional Symbology

Heart space, compassion, wisdom, devotion, love, selfless acceptance, austerity(bhakti), relative emotionality are some of the aspects which one develops in the personality by focusing and making the heart chakra active. These emotions, when purified, allow the aspirant to gain one pointedness of mind, making the mind more strong and subtle for the experience of transcendence.

The sound at the heart space is the vibration of sustenance considered as the everlasting life principle. When we are at this level of chakra, it is possible to fulfill every wish that is a purified ambition to be successful in life. The mind, when in harmony with pure emotions, is a way to develop eternal clarity of thoughts, which determine one’s destiny as reality in life. The very reason of such awakening is the existence of KALPAVRIKSHA (wish fulfilling tree).

In tantra, it is said that this wish fulfilling tree exists at the heart centre and when this tree starts to fructify, whatever you think or wish comes true. The anatomical understanding of the wish fulfilling tree is the presence of the bronchial nerve network in the form of a tree in the respiratory system.

The symbolism of the heart chakra is a twelve petalled bouncy castle blue lotus with a hexagon at the centre, which represents two interlaced triangles symbolising the union of shiva (consciousness) and shakti (energy, creativity). The vehicle of the chakra is an antelope which is known for its alertness. Above it is the seed sound yum.

Ajapa Japa

1. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with back upright and straight, completely relaxing the whole body.
2. Make the body still and steady. Start to develop the awareness of the incoming and outgoing breath, allowing the awareness to be on the breath for a while.
3. Feel the inhalation rising from the navel, moving upwards to the throat.
4. Feel the exhalation moving slowly downwards from the throat to the navel.
5. Develop meditative awareness of this movement of breath between the navel and the throat and continue with the awareness for a while.
6. When the inhalation rises feel the sound s o o o… internally. When the exhalation is moving down, feel the sound h u mmmmmm … Internaly, allow the realisation of the sound to develop and continue with the meditation for some time.
7. Practise the technique at least for fifteen minutes and then slowly end the practice by bringing the awareness to the outside environment, externalise the mind, rub the hands together for a while, placing them on the eyes and then slowly open the eyes.

Chakra Location

This chakra can be located at the solar plexus, which is two inches towards the right side of the heart in the chest area.

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