Ancestral Lullaby

Feb 16th, 2016

Artist: Sanathana
Compilation Title: Ancestral Lullaby
Record Label: Astronautic Records
Availability:  Ektoplazm

Writing music in a true organic structure for Sanathana relates to his personal way of meditation; in a free form with limited discard to originality. Mumbai, India born Swaroop Guhathakurta who goes by Sanathana, writes and records live; leaving his creative and imaginative spirit as is, with or without off beats or signatures, as he believes it’s part of being human. While in the process of writing tracks, meditation comes in to play naturally for Sanathana, as he explains, “The mind is totally mindful in the action of doing but mindless in terms of wandering, as is the essence of doing any form of yoga or asana for example, to eventually be timeless.”

The free download offer below, titled “Surya Namaskar” is a perfect example of this timeless rendition. This track allows asana yoga practitioners to move freely with an intense energy of electronic beats, synth overlays and sitar, while bringing balance with a piano serenade, backed by some smooth brass. Meditative wise, the track builds back up again just after a brief intermission of psychedelic centeredness, and finally guiding one out of a pose.

Expressing himself through art and music, Sanathana communicates by portraying all forms of emotions through his work. It’s safe to say this form of expression has been revealed in an artistic yet meditative motion.

Artist Q&A w/ Sanathana

Q: Josh East

When listening to music for the first time while practicing any traditional style of yoga, do you tend to naturally move in and out of a pose, essentially allowing the music to guide you through the practice?

A: Sanathana

If it’s listening to music for the first time then yes! It’s just like going with the flow using ears to listen whilst allowing the body to flow with music only as an audible guide!

Q: Josh East

As a graphic artist, you create your own artwork for the majority of your music projects. What drives or guides you to sync artwork with the overall music project in order to illustrate this combined message for the listener?

A: Sanathana

Both music and art is not planned. I usually just go with the flow wherever it goes and a theme develops in the process. However, if an artwork is being worked on to fit an album or a compilation then based on the elements of the theme, I work on linking them together. Sometimes I keep the album, compilation or a set of tracks playing in the background whilst working on art.

Free Track Download – ‘Surya Namaskar’ – by Sanathana

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