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Oct 27th, 2017

In this section, we will feature students from AYC’s various projects. AYC or Andiappan Yoga Community is a Hong Kong based non-profit, fully volunteer organization of International Yoga Academycertified yoga instructors who believe in the benefits of yoga and are committed to sharing yoga with others as a service to the community.

AYC volunteer teachers teach yoga to anyone and everyone on a strictly volunteer basis. AYC volunteer teachers are especially committed to sharing yoga with those who may not be able to afford classes, particularly those who have special needs or circumstances.

To volunteer, support, or find out more about AYC, please visit www. yogacommunity.org <http://www. yogacommunity.org>

Interview by Eva Kunyi
Interviewee: Nenita Buncag

Participates in: Overseas Workers Program, Discovery Bay Sundays, 8:30 AM at Discovery Bay International School

Project Coordinators: Eva Kunyi and Olivia Torres

Can you share with us your normal day-to-day life in Hong Kong?

I usually start working at 7:00am until 5:00pm, and sometimes I babysit during the night. As a domestic helper, every day is a challenge especially physically. A good example of this is that it can be a challenge standing for a long time in the day so when I go to bed I get muscle pain on my legs, also carrying a baby can make my shoulder sore. However, mentally, it’s stressed as I need to figure out everyday activities for the kids and how to manage the household chores.

When was the first time you tried yoga, and how did it make you feel?

The first time I tried yoga was April 2016 with AYC and I felt like my whole body was in pain because I did not exercise very often that time. Yoga benefited me and impacted me greatly. Doing regular practice really improves my flexibility, helps me have a better posture and builds muscle strength. Also, I have better sleep, good blood circulation, and it also boost my metabolism.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

My favorite yoga pose is the wheel pose. I want to challenge myself to see how long I can hold the pose and it allows me to stretch a lot.

Do you participate in any other sports?

Yes, I do Zumba, hiking with friends and walking.

What do you do to relax? What is your favourite pastime?

Listening to music and singing makes me relax, and my favorite past time is playing guitar.

What are your future goals? Do you have any plans to teach yoga?

My main goal is to master yoga but not just for my benefit. I want to do it so that I can share my knowledge to my friends and family to have a healthier lifestyle.

Eva Kunyi, Project Coordinator, AYC Yoga for Overseas Workers, Discovery Bay Exercise has always been a part of Eva’s life. She’s passionate about running, hiking, boxing. Her yoga journal started on May 2015 in Anahata Yoga in Hong Kong. She immediately noticed a physical and mental change. As she began to feel the transformation that yoga had in her life, she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. Eva completed 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Anahata Yoga on December 2015. She also specializes in Holistic massage, a relaxation technique to bring harmony and healing to the body, mind and spirit. She is also passionate in cooking healthy dishes and exploring making healthier recipes. Eva likes to share her passion of yoga to others by doing classes and teaching her kids in her spare time.

以下是AYC各項目的學生訪問。 AYC (Andiappan Yoga Community)是位於 香港一間非盈利志願服務團體以及一個擁 有國際瑜伽學院認證瑜伽教練組織,我們 深信瑜伽對人們的好處,並致力於與其他 人分享瑜伽,為社區服務。

AYC義工導師都是以義務性質教導大眾瑜 伽。 AYC義工導師特別緻力於與一些無法 負擔得起課程的人分享瑜伽,特別是那些 有特殊需要或情況的人。

如大家要加入AYC義工行列,支持我們或 想了解更多有AYC的事情,請到

www.yogacommunity.org <http://www.yogacommunity.org/>

Eva Kunyi的採訪

受訪者:Nenita Buncag

參與項目: AYC海外工作者瑜伽項目(愉景 灣)
時間地點: 星期日上午八點半,愉景灣國際 學校
項目負責人:Eva Kunyi and Olivia Torres


我通常在上午7:00至晚上5:00工作,有時 候我會在晚上當保姆。作為家庭傭工,每 一天都是與身體挑戰。有一個很好的例子 是,有些時候一天中會有很長時間需要站 立,所以當我睡覺時,我會感覺到腿部肌 肉疼痛;另外,經常帶著一個嬰兒有時候 會導致到肩膀疼痛。然而,還有精神上的 壓力,因為我的工作需要安排孩子的日常 活動,同時管理家務。

什麼時候你開始第一次嘗試瑜伽,當時有 什麼感覺?

我第一次嘗試瑜伽是2016年4月參加AYC, 當時我覺得我的全身都很痛,因為我那時 候不經常運動。瑜伽讓我受益匪淺,經常 練習能真正提高了身體的靈活性,改善姿 勢,加強肌肉力量。此外,我睡眠質素和 血液循環也改善了,並且增快了我身體的 新陳代謝。


我最喜歡的瑜伽式子是車輪式。我想挑戰 自己,看看我在式子中可以持續多久,這 讓我身體可以伸展很多。


有的,我會Zumba及和朋友一起徒步旅 行。

你會做什麼放鬆身心的活動?你最喜歡的 興趣是什麼?

聽音樂和唱歌能讓我感到放鬆,我最喜歡 的是彈吉他。


我的目標是要學習好瑜伽,但不僅僅是為 了自己,我還希望能將我的知識分享給我 的朋友和家人,與大家一起去保持更健康 的生活方式。

Eva Kunyi 項目負責人 AYC 海外工作者 瑜伽項目(愉景灣)

運動一直是Eva生活的一部分。她熱衷於 跑步,遠足,拳擊。她的瑜伽學習旅程 於2015年5月在香港的Anahata Yoga開 始。她很快地注意到身體和精神上的變 化。當她感受到瑜伽對生活的轉變時, 她開始希望能與其他人分享瑜伽這份禮 物。 Eva於2015年12月在Anahata瑜伽 完成了200小時瑜伽導師培訓。她專業於 是整體按療法,整體按療法是一種放鬆技 巧,為身心帶來和諧與癒合。她也熱衷於 烹飪健康的菜餚,並研究製作更健康的食 譜。Eva喜歡利用業餘時間教授瑜伽和與 她的孩子一起做瑜伽,同時分享她對瑜伽 的熱情。

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