Feb 13th, 2017

Tony Uberoi is a life and spiritual healing coach whose experience spans some 30 years. Since graduating from The University of Bombay with a degree in Law, a degree in Commerce, and an MBA degree in Marketing, Tony moved to Toronto, Canada and developed his unique and highly personalized “Emotional Makeover” ( sessions and teachings as a result of many years of assisting people with their emotional transformations.

Tony, who has since been credited as the founder/developer of The Emotional Makeover, firmly believes that human beings have tremendous potential. His perceptive abilities help bring to light jumping castle all those special, obscured qualities that lie deep within each of us. Asana Journal spoke to him exclusively to find out more, and how yoga, spiritual healing and meditation play a huge role in his life, and the life of his client’s he works with today.

1. How were you first introduced to yoga, spiritual healing and meditation, and what were your original thoughts?
Born, raised and having spent the first 40 years of my life in India, yoga, healing and meditation were part of my life and family culture. My first teacher was my grandfather, a deeply spiritual soul and a doctor by profession. The rest has been a self taught journey.

2. How important is an active, healthy lifestyle to you?
It is the only way to live. The opposite would be to live an inactive and unhealthy life, a sorry existence.

3. With your line of work, you take people on guided spirit meditation… Why is this key to healing the soul?
This question captures a small part of the service, which I call the Emotional Makeover. This is a unique service I have created in order to help individuals to transform their emotional blocks into pure positive energy. It is a unique method to help individuals find balance and happiness and thus evolve spiritually. Through the guided spiritual meditation, I help my clients to reconnect with themselves. It is tailor made to their needs. The key is to help them awaken their inner soul power. Without meditation there would be no soul connection. Without a connection there would be no healing.

4. What types of yoga would you suggest individuals practice while working with you in other areas of finding their creative energy?
It depends on the age, physical and mental state and client’s ability. Emotional healing requires an individualized guided approach to help the individual transform their pain and help them release the emotional blocks. This transformation is a rebirth and a happier new beginning.

5. You have travelled the world – did you learn any new types/styles of yoga, meditation or spiritual healing on your travels?
Each culture/country/region has taken their own ancient teachings and created beautiful methods. Be it chanting, dancing, meditating or healing the modalities may change according to local customs and beliefs but the journey is the same… going within. I have learnt from many cultures. I try to incorporate different teachings in my work.

6. What types of yoga do you practice?
I follow ancient traditional East Indian methods. I do simple meditation and chanting.

7. What has been your greatest challenge when it comes to your practice?
The challenges have been:
(a) Clients’ fear of change and therefore resistance to change
(b) Many people are confused between brincolin thoughts and feelings. Helping them to disentangle one from the other.
(c) Many people are emotionally numb. They barely connect with their feelings. Body functions and stressful thinking turns individuals into efficient robots. To help these clients’ feel their emotions and help them evolve spiritually, a very delicate and gentle approach is needed. It is almost like taking away a lid or a stone that they have placed on their feelings. This gentle and delicate approach requires great expertise and patience.

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