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Mar 24th, 2016

Eyes are the first wonderful organs that help you see and appreciate the beauty of this creation. Health of your eyes depend on numerous factors starting from the extent of the nourishment of the pregnant mother. However, it is an alarming fact that majority of the world is facing some sort of eye disorder,bounce house for sale ranging from dry cornea to deadly glaucoma. According to a statistical study conducted in Spain, University of Valencia, prevalence of ocular dysfunctions was analysed. The study involved around 1600 subjects and the results were quite alarming!!

56.2% of the population presented symptoms of binocular dysfunctions, 61.4% with accommodation disorders and 38.6% vergence disorders. Accommodation insufficiency was most prevalent among those with symptoms (11.4%). Now it is the need of the hour to protect the unique window of the human body – eyes.

Today’s life style and work atmosphere along with the use of modern appliances and gadgets for work and entertainment, like televisions and computers, are taking a heavy toll on the general health and well-being of eyes. People tend to forget that eyes too need exercise as well as rest for its proper functioning. Working for hours before computer or watching television for a prolonged time and that too without enough blinking is very dangerous to eyes. It makes the eyes dry and scrappy. Today, a large section of children are myopic, the major culprit for this being television.

There is a unique quote in the ancient textbooks of Ayurvedic classics – “SARVENDRIYANAM NAYANAM PRADANAM”, which means that “of all the organs in the body, eyes are the most important”. It is very difficult to imagine the very existence of mankind without eyesight.


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