Jan 5th, 2015

Artist: Beatfarmer
Single Title: The Wisdom of Shankara – Doors to the Digital Dimension
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Availability: Amazon | Beatport | iTunes | Spotify

Previously reviewed in the ASANA Journal, English born and Canadian homesteader DJ and producer, Beatfarmer (Adam Woods) presents his fourth album titled Eye of the Storm: released off of San Francisco based electronic label, Ovnimoon Records. Eye of the Storm carry’s 11 tracks composed of beautiful down-tempo trancy melodies with dub treats and tribal beats.

Beatfarmer lives in the woods off a west coast island in southern British Columbia, Canada, keeping him grounded with the earth, which can be heard through his music. The album surrounds the listener with chant and instrumentation ranging from rich sitar to organic percussion mixes, as well as hints of bells and crystal bowls along the way, awakening the ancestral connection through traditional world music and natural sounds.

The record can be used for all forms of yoga, as it will relax you, move you and raise your vibration. Calling his music ‘Tribal Trance’, Beatfarmer understands the power of the trance-state to strengthen ones spirit and body and can access this through one’s higher self with movement, sound and community. All-in-all, Beatfarmer’s intention is for the listener to be one with song and dance, so after your asana practice, please be aware that your head may want to bob and your body be eager to groove.

Artist Q&A w/ Beatfarmer

Q: Josh East

As a firm believer in raising one’s vibration under a trance-state, do you practice any kind of yoga or simple savasana (corpse pose) to reach this state?

A: Beatfarmer

I don’t do a regular yoga practice, other than basic asanas for stretching.  Music is definitely the way for me to access that vibe. There is something about dancing to trance music that makes my body feel amazing, and connected to the energy of the universe. It can be a very meditative activity as well, especially with music production, when I will listen to loops of the music for long periods of time.  I think these feelings are similar to those that people are seeking from yoga.

Q: Josh East

Being part of a tight- knit dance community where you began to really embrace electronic music, have you seen the interest in a yoga lifestyle increase culturally?

A: Beatfarmer

Oh yes. At many of the festivals, the yoga classes are packed with more people than the dance floor.  I think it is great that so many people are turning to a peaceful and calming way of strengthening their bodies and minds.  I would say that it is very prominent in my community, with many of my friends teaching or attending regular yoga classes.

Free Track Download – ‘The Wisdom of Shankara – Doors to the Digital Dimension’ by Beatfarmer

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