Book Review – yoga song

Jul 21st, 2022

“Yoga song is the sound track to your journey of transformation.” This beautifully written book, expressing yoga in its most authentic way, is unique in its kind. This book takes the reader on a journey to self-discovery, providing helpful tools that encourage curiosity and introspection.

Gregory Ormson is an internationally recognised author and also known as a motorcycling yogi as he teaches yoga for bikers in Arizona. Gregory presents an overview of the therapeutic value of yoga as a song for the soul. His rhythmic and flowing writing style makes this book relaxing and calming to read. I particularly enjoyed his personal reflection on how the practice of yoga transformed his life and how he shares his discoveries in great detail. His realisations through his own practice of yoga inspires readers to go deeper into themselves. He shares knowledge, understanding and quotes that can enrich readers’ lives in many ways.

“I think of yoga as a song. I find music everywhere and I believe at the centre of all time, being, and structure there is a song. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that inside all yoga there is a song. The instrument of a yoga song is our body (which is more than the body); and in every pose, breath, or meditative repose, the instrument becomes a song in motion and in stillness.” This short paragraph from his book summarises the harmony and beauty in his style of writing.

One of the core concepts in this book is “Yoga is song, and when you do yoga it’s your song.” Everyone is singing their own song, expressing their own energy and being. This is what makes his book unique. The book is written to inspire and open one’s perspective to what is beneath the Asana’s. It includes many interesting stories, making it easy to read and hard to put down – every page is packed with quotes and memorable advice. Highly recommended!

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