Break through its fear and weakness

Sep 30th, 2015

Five and a half years ago I saw a picture of an old woman – Tao Porchon-Lynch. Till then my view was that Yoga is the most boring thing on this planet and people are crazy to willingly go into these painful poses. However, this woman fascinated me. If I lived up to 80, I thought I’d love to be like her. I captured her picture and actually saved it my hard disk. This was not my view of old age back then. The exploration that began opened a treasure chest for me.

Low stamina and weak body that dominates my “general make up” and little inclination towards any physical exercise (for most of my life)- I have come a long way:-) May be because yoga is the one thing that used physicality without ever being a physical exercise for me!

It has taken me 5 and a half years into asana practice to find some moments of ease and stability in Bakasana. Today I am receiving the gift of Bakasana. I am remembering all the teachers who taught me never to chase a pose, who constantly enforced that you only prepare. Baby steps are okay, when the time is right you will receive ….and then receive graciously!

The feeling of using a pose to get into the body and break through its fear and weakness has been an important learning for me, my mind.

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