Dancing for Joy – Not Only to Stay Fit

Nov 28th, 2017

Dancing is a form of art that enables you to express and/or communicate with other people. Dancing has become a popular workout programme since there are so many forms of dance.

It is never difficult to learn how to dance. Moving your body to different forms of music is what we call dancing. In today’s modern world, fitness and health play a very important role. It seems critical to keep ourselves up to the mark. Dancing is an exciting way to stay fit and achieve a new outlook in life.

Dancing also gives, to a certain extent, joy and promotes an anti-stressful life besides keeping you fit. It is a great way to lead a tension free life because it’s all about fun /entertainment and most significantly, a stress buster and a cure to many diseases. Many people believe that dance accomplishes a sense of completeness and unity. It expresses your innermost emotions, thereby imparting a sense of satisfaction.

Dance is a great way to reduce stress.

Stress is the key reason for many health issues. Excessive stress disturbs the function of organs and imbalances all hormonal systems. Dance helps you get rid of stress as it boosts your self-confidence and increases social interaction by making new friends. It also energises and refreshes you.
Dancing is like dreaming with your feet. It is the hidden language of the soul.
There are a number of reasons and benefits to tell why people love dancing and enjoy this wonderful form of exercise.

Reasons to Dance

1. Dance brings a smile on your face

Dancing is a form of exercise that brings a smile on your face no matter what the stress is or however upset you are. It is a fun learning exercise. You will never be bored by learning, and the more you learn, the more you enjoy yourself and feel happy within.

2. Dancing is an expression of joy and generates love

How many times have you tried to dance openly while forgetting all your pains and tensions? TRY IT! And feel the calmness of your body as well as your soul get. Dancing is that joy of life that brings all your feelings and emotions out. It relaxes your mind and helps in releasing your mental problems and tensions. Try dancing with joy and see the atmosphere that you create around you. Everyone will have a beautiful smile on their faces. Dancing is that fever which is very infectious. There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is surely one of them. Don’t care Bouncy Castle whether you dance well or not, just get up and dance.

3. Meeting new people

If you are going to a regular dance class, you are coming into contact with a bunch of new people around you. You become aware of their behaviours, their styles. Also, when you are taking group dancing, you are actually learning from each other. It increases your knowledge, learning coordination and patience.

Benefits of Dance

1. Dance keeps you in shape physically.
2. Dance makes you mentally sound.
3. Dance increases your flexibility and strength.
4. Dance releases stress and makes you feel good and happy about yourself.
5. Dance helps you burn calories and thereby bringing about weight loss.

So, dance regularly and let your worries flow away. Don’t worry about doing the dance routine perfectly, just sing/jump/move and have fun. Choose a dance form that you actually enjoy because you won’t stick to an exercise routine that you don’t really like. Choose a class that is fun, exciting and helps you keep moving.

So gear up and get ready to have a blast while you cast off your tensions.

Don’t delay, take up dance sessions. A whole new world of fun is waiting for you, a world of joy and happiness.

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