Distant Thoughts

Jul 18th, 2016

Artist: Sheewton
Album Title: Distant Thoughts
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Sheewton
Availability:  Amazon | Beatport | Beatspace | Goastore | iTunes | Psyshop

Brazilian DJ/producer, Sheewton, personally known as Ivaner Soares, started his career as a DJ by way of playing harmonious and memorable sets through Techno and Psytrance.

After dedicated studies in music production, Sheewton found his niche – producing Progressive Psytrance and Progressive Chillout, where one may hear striking melodies and psychedelic atmospheres. His style is influenced through Goa-Trance, where he creates deep and always danceable songs ready to invoke each individual tuned in to a transcendental experience.

Under the Geomagnetic Records umbrella, Ovnimoon Records presents Sheewton’s new album called Distant Thoughts; a very special progressive psytrance journey with eight Chillout and Downtempo tracks containing slow chugging epics woven with stories about nature’s beauty and places beyond inflatable obstacle course the stars that lie deep within you. This may sound deep metaphorically, though a yogic or meditative experience can also tap into such a vibrational beat-driven sound to the mental and physical; thus inducing a euphoric state.

Ovnimoon Records has blessed Asana Journal readers with a complimentary download of track title ‘Trees on the Mountain’ down below.

Artist Q&A w/ Sheewton

Josh East: I must first say, that the Distant Thoughts album has more BPM (Beats Per Minute) that any other Breathe Beats’ review we have ever featured. What resonated with me was the brilliance of goa-trance meddled in with background melodies, more specifically with track title ‘Trees on the Mountain’. My question for you here is, as a creator yourself, do you feel spiritually connected to the music you created and deliver either for a direct audience and/or listeners who first discover your music along the way?

Sheewton: I love progressive psytrance and chillout/ambient. I tried to mix it on the same song using a bpm around 105-110. I feel spiritually connected to my music, for example “Trees on the Mountain” has a beautiful and sad story in my life.

Josh East: I’ve noticed you use some soundscapes, from wildlife to other natural elements. What guides you to infuse these sounds in your music, and might this be a hidden meditative approach to reach out to others, creatively?

Sheewton: I’m fanatic about wildlife, nature, astronomy and certain inexplicable things that are within my mind, so I always try to use this as inspiration for my songs and create them with great affection to the public.

STREAM ALBUM & FREE DOWNLOAD for TRACK TITLE “Trees on the Mountain” – by Sheewton

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