Dec 21st, 2017

In the midst of calm
At center
With a strength unknown to the human mind
But felt in the depth of every heart
An energy began to swim through the glaciers of darkness
With every stroke it began to endure a momentum
Formulating a core
A magnetic field
And light
This brilliance unspoken
Would become known as the birthplace of love
Of faith
And of all things seen and unseen through the naked eye
From this glory would arise a thunder
An explosive bliss that would infinitely transcend
This darkness into light
Creating a collection of galaxies
That would forever stay in unison with the mind
And because it was born in the midst of calm
At center
It would be known to all as the divine
Accessible to all
Closed to none.

About the Author
Anousheh Elmi first discovered Yoga in 2006, while living in Marin County, California. At that time, she was awaiting her California Bar Examination results to become a licensed attorney. The stress and anxiety of waiting for the results caused her to find an outlet that would enable her to release unwanted tension. She began to gain an appreciation for what would ultimately guide her path in life. Her Yoga practice guided her, strengthened her from within, and enabled her to tap deep within herself. Connecting to her source energy has been the greatest gift from Yoga. For it is this connectivity that has allowed her creativity to be explored in ways she never imagined possible. Today Anousheh lives and works in Los Angeles, California, as a Deputy Public Defender, preserving and defending the constitutional rights and liberties of indigent individuals. Her Yoga practice continues to guide her in all avenues of her life, allowing her to be a strong and passionate advocate for her clients in the courtroom, and beyond that, a friend to mankind. Yoga is her inspiration and what she believe to be her path to truth. Her poems come from a place deep within her, a place where all positive energy is one.

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