From Drug & Alcohol Addiction to yoga and meditation

Jun 14th, 2018

Shane Griffin is a successful entrepreneur and life coach who went from the party scene of owning nightclubs across North America, to seeking help in rehab for addiction, to earning a degree in Applied Holistic Nutrition, to now owning some of the largest health-based companies globally, such as Vitamin Patch Club.

Interview By Sebastian Thomas

But it was while he was in rehab that Shane found his love for yoga and meditation. And after leaving rehab and deciding to live stress-free on a new houseboat in California, he feels in love with Aerial Yoga.

Asana Journal caught up with Shane to dive deeper into his new healthy, balanced life, and new mission moving forward.

1.How were you first introduced to yoga and meditation and what were your original thoughts?

I was actually introduced to yoga and meditation while I was in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It was an elective at the facility I stayed at in Malibu, California and it was eye-opening to say the least. At that time in my life, I needed to learn about my own power and my own truth, I found both practices to engage my mind and body to overcome many of the demons that engulfed me during my addiction.

2. What is the biggest misperception about yoga and meditation you find, now that you are an active participant?

I think the biggest misconception especially living in Los Angeles is that everyone is a dynamo when it comes to yoga, that a particular lifestyle must exist or specific appearance must be had to be a yogi. As far as meditation, I think the most different thing for me was the expectation of immediate clarity. I like to be grounded and often can fit in a quick “‘tation” as I call it even when hiking or boating to of my fav things to do. The clarity comes much after my quick “tation” not during. I don’t come out of it and go, “Well now I have the answer”. What does happen is over the course of the day things seem to line up better, feel more in tune and organized.

3. How important is an active, healthy lifestyle to you overall?

though I believe that the relationship with ourselves is greatly improved through increased activity. We have a chemical reaction when we stimulate muscle activity that releases dopamine and increases serotonin which makes us organically feel better. So I believe next to healthy and balanced diet activity is a close second!

4. You are a private life coach as well, and one of your seven steps is to have your students do meditation as a way to live stress-free. Why is this step important?

In my practice I am constantly asked what can or should I do?! I believe that our journey is our own and to figure these things out we need to find solutions from within. In keeping with that mindset one needs to be present and in the now. Meditation is a great way to center yourself and step inside yourself to give a mindshift of perspective. I believe strongly that this leads to self-realization and truth and when those are present our quality of life improves and stress relatively decreases.

5. What are the other steps you teach in order for one to live stress-free?

Daily set intentions, and offer gratitude. The funny thing with that thought-provoking answer is we have this vision that each of those must be grand and ideological but in truth your intention can be so simple it can be arbitrary even as long as you set one. With the gratitude same thing can be said for that they are your private intentions and gratitude so make them whatever you deem or feel necessary.

6. Where is your favorite place to do yoga and meditate?

My boat at sea without question… the sounds and rhythm of the ocean are were I feel the most at peace.

7 We have read that you are really into Aerial Yoga… explain this type to us and what you love about it so much?

I wish I could take great credit for finding aerial but it was introduced to me by a good friend when I was opening my studio. I fell in love primarily because I have back issues and the decompression of the spine is such an unbelievable help to me personally. I do love the empowerment it gives new students. The moment they remove their feet from the ground and begin their first inversion you actually see them intimate trust into themselves and that is a marvelous moment to witness.

8. You are the incredible founder and mind behind Vitamin Patch Club… how does this organic patch help you (and others) to live a healthier life?

Vitamin Patch Club is an amazing and necessary step in our processing of vitamins. The main benefits are the fact that we can now allow for 90% absorption. A well-known fact that oral pills only allow for as low as 4% absorption. We also have steered them to be time released so you get what you need all day. Further, we have eliminated any and all binders and fillers commonly found in oral vitamins. You get what you need and that all it is a remarkable smart, safe and effective way to take your vitamins. Plus we just love the convenience of not having to choke down massive pills each day.

9. Besides using your patches, do you also follow a strict diet at all?

What are some of your favorite health foods? I eat a balanced diet that is most important a healthy combination of protein/carbs and healthy fats in each meal. I don’t subscribe to diets per say because we are all dynamically different and have differed needs it is more important to eat correctly then trendy.

10. Do you feel that participating in yoga and meditation has helped your career and yourself as a person?

Without question, they have been instrumental in my success since I decided to get sober. The road travelled on maintaining one’s sobriety is a very challenging one to we product and brand we are also philanthropic. Giving back is the cornerstone of our business model. My goal is to give $1,000,000.00 a month to various charities globally.

11.What are your future dreams and goals both professionally and personally?

We have incredible goals with Vitamin Patch Club not only are absolutely barbaric. We are the most knowledgeable generation ever and still subscribe to this concept we are anything but the same. It troubles me that the human connection that we all share is being lost. If I could change one thing it would be for everyone to realize that we are one race the human race and if we don’t figure out that we need each other to survive and thrive then we are already finished.

12.If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Division! We live in a time that is incredibly divisive and it is say the least. I use both to maintain my truth and my focus on the present. Life is a heck of a challenge on the best of days and if I want present and in living my truth I would be lost.

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