Early to bed and early to rise – can that help?

Apr 21st, 2016

One of the primary rules that Ayurveda lays is “early to rise”, which is completely unwelcome in a world where, sleep is best enjoyed during day time – thanks to the modern lifestyle. I had always wondered, why waking up early is insisted in our ancient systems of medicine? What could be the medical importance? And in my analysis I found amazing facts that could actually change our life for the good.

Healthcare is not just the prescription of the right medicines, sometimes we do not require medicines if we are able to live in the right way.

Cosmic energy and health

‘Soul is the seat of knowledge’ – not the physical body, which is just an instrument – says God in the Holy Gita and the Vedas follow suit. So, we are energy points that work like batteries enlivening the physical body, very much like a battery in a mobile. Accordingly, our soul battery needs to be charged regularly to keep up the vital energy flowing. Samuel Hahnemann in his book on homeopathy, clearly mentions that – “no medicine can help, when the vital energy is low”. This Vital energy is what we call as the energy level of the soul.

Now, where do we fill this energy from – obviously from the ‘comos’ – the abode of souls which is controlled by the supreme soul who is an ocean of vital energy, from where we the souls originated. Now, what is left to be answered is how do we fill the cosmic energy?

Calmer your mind, more is the accumulation of cosmic energy. Early morning is the time where mind generates minimum number of thoughts and it is easy to enjoy peace and health in silence by experiencing the elevated vibrations of the cosmic energy.


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