Editor’s Note Issue 166

Nov 14th, 2016

This month we feature Carolyn Costin who has written a book on eating disorder. Many do not realise most of the disease that arise within us starts from the food we eat. As increasing number of people are gaining awareness on healthy eating, one needs to understand food is only one source of energy but not the only source.

Carolyn has written many books on eating disorder and has addressed most of the common challenges people face.

When yoga is combined with regulating one’s food intake, the therapeutic benefits to one’s body and mind are amazing which takes the healing process to another level. Changes to food mechanical bull for sale intake include not eating until full stomach, practice fasting regularly, eat less spicy good, less oily food, increase intake of fruit and vegetables.

As Guruji Andiappan says, “when one practice yoga and eat a non-vegeterian diet, they enjoy third class health, when one practice yoga and eat a vegetarian diet, they enjoy second class health but when one eats a more raw food diet, they will enjoy first class health.

In the current busy world, where everyone is connected online, there are no shortage of information on food and health. People just need to make an effort to live naturally and organically wherever possible. After all, we all know food is a major source of our energy and can be medicinal or poisonous depending on what we put in our body.\

Yogananth Andiappan

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