Eka Padangusthasana / Perineum Pressure Pose

Apr 21st, 2016

This month’s featured pose is Eka Padangusthasana. The name of the pose is derived from the terms “Eka” or one, “pada” or foot, “angusta” or big toe, and “asana” or pose.

This pose is therapeutic for those with nervous disorders. As there is pressure on the perineum, the base of the spine is stimulated, thus sending energy to the whole body through the spine.

As Eka Padangusthasana is a balancing asana, practicing this pose is beneficial in keeping physical, emotional and physiological balance. It can reduce stress, improve concentration and refresh the body with new energy. Balancing poses also aim to activate the pituitary gland to ensure that the necessary bodily hormones are produced.

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