Apr 28th, 2016

Artist: Jedidiah
Album Title: Equilibrium
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Website: https://soundcloud.com/jedidiah-sound
Availability: Beatport | Beatspace | Goastore | Psyshop

Mexican electronic downtempo artist, Jedidiah, personally known as Joaquin Rodriguez Huerta comes from the beautiful state of Jiutepec Morelos; Jiutepac translating into “the precious stones hill” from the Nahuatl (Utu-Aztecan) word “Xiutepetl”.

Joaquin, currently 28 of age, was a music lover since a child, who began to experiment producing music in 2007, in search of his sound and the purpose of making the heart vibrate to love and peace. With a solid spiritual connection with chill out music, Joaquin has and continues to resonate with the great divine of duality, with father creator and universe mother. This method of sacred and in most cases shamanistic knowledge, stems from many of Mexico’s ancient cultures, like the Aztec, Huicholes Matlatzinca and Maya.

The Equilibrium EP has been made by Jedidiah with love and peace for all. He has been gifted with healing powers through the work by hand, and focuses on sending it through his music. Each of the four tracks has delved deeper into his subconscious mind, and in turn discovered a new level of awareness and understanding rooted in the ancient tradition of meditation as a method of attaining enlightenment.

In the first track titled, ‘Body’ duality can be heard right away; a beautiful interference that will awaken many senses – a perfect track to meditate with before going into a beginning asana pose. Track two titled, ‘Mind’ will move you right away into a flow, guided and influenced by a native chant saying ‘mediation is a state of mind’ – as it slows down in symbols and an electro gong, with lite percussion before jumping into another pose. Track three titled ‘Soul’ initiates an Indian chant before moving into active, yet subtle symbols and percussion as well, allowing one to transition from one pose to another smoothly. For the final fourth track titled, ‘Equilibrium, Tlahuica Song’ finishes off with lite percussion chant and traditional flute, increasing energy to complete a free-flowing 20-minute yoga set.

Ovnimoon Records and Jedidiah have both provided ASANA Journal readers with a free music download offer of first track titled, ‘Body’ down below.

Artist Q&A w/ Jedidiah

Q: Josh East

What helps you to connect with the music you make to reach that love and peace message or overall vibe (vibration) you seek to offer your audience?

A: Jedidiah

I practice meditation. I like to go to the Mountains of the Valley in my city, Tepoztlan, where I feel the energies of nature and watch and connect with every movement of the plants – and each movement I connect with is how I produce the musical notes.

Q: Josh East

What is Equilibrium to you and how do you hope your audience will connect to the concept?

A: Jedidiah

Equilibrium is the Trinity of the sacred being – that it is your body, mind and soul. These three essences are United and distinct, strengthening the human being and have a strong connection with the universe. Thus Equilibrium inspired me to produce a track for all three essences. I feel happy and especially excited to be able to realize this goal and say to the world that we are connected all through the power of universal love and the Holy Trinity.

FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD – “Body” – by Jedidiah

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