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Aug 7th, 2015

How are you? Is one question that has a universal answer – “I am fine”.

This gave me a thought as to, ‘whether health is a state of well-being of the mind or the body?’ When a patient who has been just discharged from a surgery, if asked ‘how do you do’ by a visitor, the immediate answer would be ‘I am doing well’. Wonderful! Isn’t it?!

This culture implies that ‘health’ is our original form. Then, why do diseases occur? To understand the answer for this question, we need to get few concepts clear. I must not identify myself to be this body which is ever changing and destroyable and my original identity is – I am a soul who is the boss of my subtle organs (mind, subconscious and intellect) and gross organs (physical organs) and I am indestructible. I am the one who is the master of my thoughts, and I must decide what I must think. What has all this got to do with health and disease?

Just like how cell is the structural unit of this physical body, ‘thoughts’ are the structural units of your soul. Mind is the instrument of thought. Just like how your body performs the action of walking using legs, a soul moves using ‘thoughts’. A ‘thought’ churned again and again gets empowered. An empowered thought becomes an aim or a desire. This manifests as an action. An action definitely has a reaction. By law, you get what you give and you can give only if you have it. This principle applies to health and diseases also. Disease and health are consequences of negative and positive thoughts respectively.


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