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Oct 16th, 2017

Mantra: I trust the timing of my life and believe that the universe gives me exactly what I need, when I need it.

Timing: It can be challenging to surrender control of it. We are often in such a rush for certain milestones and events to occur in our lives and on our own terms, that we rarely stop to consider whether the timing is actually right. Frequently, we use the lives of others as a measure of where we should be, forgetting that the easiest way to lose ourselves is by using someone else’s map. We all have our own unique timing. It is only when we relinquish control and trust in the timing of the universe, that our heart’s desires actually come to fruition.

Several years ago, I was looking to change the direction of my career. I wanted to remain in the law, but I was looking for work that would be more rewarding and would open the door to greater opportunities. During this period I began networking with a lot of individuals. I was approached by a friend who was not aware of my desire to change career directions, yet out of the blue offered to introduce me to a judge who was a family friend. As coincidence would have it, this judge was assigned to an office within my current agency that I was very interested in. I felt like it was fate. I informed the judge that I was looking for new opportunities and she offered to review my resume. After reviewing my resume, she made a few suggestions on how I could better highlight my experience and provided me with a few words wisdom regarding my job search. Although at the time I was disappointed that our meeting didn’t result in a new career opportunity, when I honestly thought about where I was in life at that time, I knew I was in no position to accept a new position had it been offered. The position was in a distant city which would have required a significant move. I owned a home which I was solely responsible for and did not have the means to relocate at that time. When I thought more about our connection, I received the feeling that although the timing was not right for me to join her office, our meeting was destined. I found solace in the idea that our connection likely moved me one step closer to my ultimate goal of advancing my career. I thanked the judge for her guidance and took her suggestions to heart. I had no idea what role they would play moving forward and had no choice but to release control to the coordination and timing of the universe.

Approximately one year later, our meeting came full circle. I received a completely unexpected call from the judge offering me a position with her office. She recalled reading my resume in the past and felt I would be a good candidate. When she called, I had just refinanced my home two weeks prior, allowing me the financial freedom to move to another city. On top of all of that, two of my dear friends had recently purchased a home in the same area where I was offered the job. Their home renovations were scheduled to be completed mere weeks before my position was to begin, allowing them to accommodate a roommate. At the time the judge and I made our initial connection one year prior, although I wanted a position with her office, I honestly was not in a place where it was even feasible. However, a year later, my circumstances had changed and it was the perfect timing.

When we look back on our lives, often our best opportunities were the result of a sequence of events that we ourselves could never have orchestrated. That is the universe at work. In a world where we are rewarded for maintaining control, letting go can be difficult. However, surrender is essential for proper timing to occur. When you have a particular goal or desire, your best course of action is to do what you can to position yourself to receive it, then release it to the timing and coordination of the universe. You will be amazed at what you can manifest in your life when you let go and trust timing other than your own.

Life Challenge:

Take a moment to reflect upon the events in your personal life and career where the timing was just right. Recall all of the details and how so many of the connections required were outside of your control. Whenever you are feeling anxious about your direction in life or a particular goal you would like to reach, reflect upon these events to reinforce your trust in the universe’s timing.

Physical Challenge:

Try a new yoga style, teacher or posture. Often times, we fall into familiar physical routines because we know what to expect and can maintain a certain level of control. Although routines can be comfortable, it does not leave us with any room to reach our higher potential. When we try something new, we get outside of our comfort zone and have no choice but to surrender and trust the outcome. Letting go and trusting the outcome is the exact skill necessary for trusting the timing of the universe.

Asana of the Month:

Headstand (Sirsasana): This inverted posture removes you from your comfort zone and requires you to let go and trust your body’s ability to maintain balance. While in a downward dog position, lower your forearms to your mat and interlock your fingers, creating a cup with your hands. Place the back of Bouncy Castle your head in the cup of your hands and walk your feet towards your arms. When your feet are as far as they can go, raise your legs one at a time, placing the majority of the pressure on your forearms, rather than your head. Activate your abdominal and gluteal muscles to maintain balance. Hold for five to ten deep breaths. (You may also use a wall to assist you when learning how to hold this posture)
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Dierdra Howard Asana International Yoga Journal Bio
Dierdra Howard is a lawyer, yoga teacher and health and wellness blogger living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She teaches Vinyasa yoga to students of all levels and believes that yoga is a way of life that has the power to heal the mind, body and spirit. You can follow Dierdra on Facebook at Project OM and on Instagram at @Project OM

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