Healthy Eating: Indulge In Mindful Eating With Yoga

Jul 24th, 2018

Summary: Want to indulge in healthy eating? Explore the blog and find out how yoga helps you eat more mindfully.

“Mindful Eating is eating with intention while paying attention.”- Kati Konersman

Do you remember what you ate yesterday? Did you eat your meal on time? We are so busy that we pay almost no attention to the most important thing of the day, our food. Food is one of the three basic needs of a human being, and we don’t know when to eat or how much to eat, and end up merging mealtimes and eating larger amount of food. We all tend to do this, and all thanks to distraction, on which we are more focused. Mindful eating is what we all need to be healthier eaters, and with yoga, it becomes simple and easy.

How can yoga help?

Yoga is a perfect way to ignites selfawareness which makes us more conscious. This helps us in various ways by becoming conscious about our body, food choices and lifestyle choices, etc. Yoga makes us aware of the self; it connects us within and helps us to determine what is right or wrong for ourselves. Meditation, yoga asana and pranayama are three tools that can transform a person’s life. You indulge in mindful living, you become more attentive and you start living in the present with joy and happiness.

Steps to Eating Mindfully

A Calm Place- Food is the primary energy source for the body, so we must consume it with attention. You need to take a break from gadgets and turn off the television. Sit in a peaceful environment and focus on the food.

A Companion- Mindful eating doesn’t always mean to eating in silence or alone. You can grab a friend or colleague or family member while eating. Though it is better to avoid talking while eating, having a positive short conversation won’t cause any harm. And if you are alone, you can listen to soothing music or can enjoy the view through your window.

Eat Slowly- When we are super hungry, we sometimes start wolfing and hogging down our food mindlessly. We understand hunger can make you maniac, but you need to control the urge to gobble and take a deep breath. This helps bring you back in the present and draw your attention to your food. Eat slowly as it makes you feel tired and full.

Feel Your Food- With our super busy schedules, we don’t pay attention to our appetite, and we eat unconsciously or simply sulk down our food. To eat mindfully, we need to use all the senses. Serve yourself a portion of food, smell it and take a bite. Chew slowly to enjoy all the flavors fully.

Are You Really Hungry?

When we are actually hungry, our body sends us signals, but we sometimes mistaken them with the other feelings of anxiety, stress or boredom. There are many who munch food when they are bored, or end up having a higher intake due to stress. This can lead to health issues like weight gain, digestion problems or increased cholesterol. We also tend to eat bigger portions and end up complaining of stomach ache or an upset stomach. With mindful eating we can easily differentiate between whether we are hungry or just craving something.Eating small meals at regular intervals helps avoid an overindulgence of food and we eat less.

Benefits of Mindful Eating

• We eat when we are actually feeling hungry
• We feel satisfied and wave off the feelings of guilt for over-eating
• We can lose weight and manage a healthy scale weight
• Mindful eating prevents eating disorders like binge eating, emotional eating, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
• Eating mindfully fosters healthy living Yoga teaches us how to be present. This helps you to eat mindfully and lead a healthy life.


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