Heart Disease

Jan 7th, 2016

Until a few decades ago, heart disease was considered to be a show stopper and terminal. Subsequently, this meant that any abnormality in the heart was expected to progress ending into death.

The statistics of heart disease is quite alarming:

  1. Every 20 seconds once, a human being is affected by heart attack.
  2. In any given population, one in four have some kind of a heart problem
  3. For every 34 seconds, a human being dies of heart disease
  4. Heart disease takes more life than all other seven leading causes of death put together
  5. People with physical inactivity were found to be 81% more prone to heart diseases
  6. People who were found to have high fat diet were 50% more prone to heart diseases
  7. Oxidative stress plays a major role in inducing endothelial dysfunction and is also involved in different stages of atherosclerotic plaque formation leading to the onset of coronary heart disease and stroke.
  8. A 2011 European Heart Journal review of 15 medical studies involving almost 475,000 people found that short sleepers had a 48% increased risk of developing from coronary heart disease (CHD). Interestingly, long sleepers, those who averaged nine or more hours a night also showed a 38% increased risk of developing CHD and a 65% increased risk of stroke.
  9. High blood pressure nearly triples a risk of heart attack as narrowed blood vessels force the heart to work harder, slowly wearing it out.
  10. Elevated homocysteine is a known risk factor for renal dysfunction inhibits the formation of blood vessels.


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