Illusions of Tomorrow

May 31st, 2016

Artist:              Amos
Album Title:    Illusions of Tomorrow
Record Label:  Ovnimoon Records
Availability:    Beatport | Beatspace | Goastore | Psyshop

Swedish ambient-electronica DJ/producer, Amos introduces his most recent project titled, ‘Illusions of Tomorrow’ off the San Francisco based imprint label, Ovnimoon Records. Amos produces a mysterious sound, grounded on an earthly yet almost galactic, sci-fi element guiding his listeners to musical fog. This might not sound amusing for some, however, those looking for an escape, on a cloudy day, seeking motivation to move through a yoga practice, just might gain that momentum to pull through whatever challenge is faced.

Amos brings natural sounds, drums and electronic beats that penetrate through one’s vibe, hopefully connecting the listener to its rich elements; and if it’s caught, who knows where the listener will be taken – mentally, physically and spiritually.

This long awaited full length album brings a 12-song journey into a deep meditative and chilled dance frequency; filled with glitchy minimal drums, wide atmospheres and smoothly crafted bass over classical melodies. Indeed, keeping heads nodding, feet tapping, souls swirling and minds dreaming for that challenged yoga practice. To understand it, you have to hear it … so let go, close your eyes and let the sounds take you someplace new.

Ovnimoon Records and Amos have both provided ASANA Journal readers with a free music download offer of track titled, ‘Lines’ down below.

Artist Q&A w/ Amos

Q: Josh East

This is the second Amos music review I’ve brought to the attention of ASANA Journal readers in the past few years. Your message for listeners is quite intimate, not just for a yogi, on a yoga mat, but also on a sub-conscious level. This brings me to ask you, how do you envision your listeners gravitating to your music on a meditative position?

A: Amos

I hope it can bring up discussion of illusions and visions all people have in their minds that have /can become true. Like if you really believe in something, or imagine something you want to haven it can happen. For me, it all started with the track I created, titled ‘Tomorrow’ a few years ago, thus naming this album ‘Illusion of Tomorrow’.

I also had a friend going through a hard time, fighting strong believes in things like stones, mediation, mindfulness, probably yoga sessions too – and all that stuff helped the person move forward. All positive things you believe in like an illusion of tomorrow is probably good for you during hard times, therefore I started to think of illusions and how it can help one in need.

Q: Josh East

Your song ‘Lines’ really connected with me, and see myself wanting to spend quality time on the 6-minute track during my yoga sessions. Where did the urge come from to create this track and how did you envision your listeners partaking with it?

A: Amos

Funny thing is, with the track ‘Lines’, most people who’ve listened to it have told me they like it the most. For me, it’s a track I worked very hard on producing. It’s a track that I also wanted to have a bit of an ambient-techno feel, so am very glad you felt a connection with it; probably one of the songs I worked hardest on, completing too.

FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD – “Body” – by Jedidiah

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