Dec 7th, 2015

Artist: Dimma
Album Title: Karma
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Website: www.facebook.com/DimmatMusic
Availability: Amazon | Beatport | iTunes | Spotify

Born in Athens, Greece, Dimitris Matzouranis now resides on the island of Mytilene-lesvos, focusing on producing music. At the age of 20, he DJ’d in several clubs, and as an amateur composer he began to create and mix his own electronic music. Almost a decade ago, he started introducing his own style of ambient electronic and chillout music to the world-wide-web under the name Dimmat.

After a few EP’s under his belt, Dimmat is now back with his first ever full-length album that was released off Geomagnetic imprint label, Ovnimoon Records back in early September. The album, titled “Karma”, penetrates the listener’s dark paths with various ethnic vocals, instruments and natural elements. Yet beautifully composed, for the modern yogi, this project may help release the karma within, as the yogi flows in a dark world of melodic undercurrent vibrational tones, beats and mystical sounds; peaked with disturbances that resonate to the core. The album (Karma) just may be the right antidote for those seeking to meet up with their bad intent and bad deeds during their asana practices, while aiming to restore balance through the power of intention; cleansing with good intent and good deeds for near future happiness and overall healing.

The first track off Karma is ‘Angelic Touch’- a free download offer for Breathe Beats readers, providing a 12-minute introduction to gear up the modern yogi for a mysterious adventure into dark and light.

Artist Q&A w/ Dimmat

Q: Josh East

Dimitris, tell us about how you find inspiration for music writing living on Mytilene-lsvos Island?

A: Dimmat

I live on a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea with rich flora and majestic countryside, so inspiration is not hard to find, it’s out there. The true reward is when music bonds with nature. Sometimes I go into my studio and lose myself in there, some other times I just stay outside on my porch to listen and record all those beautiful sounds out there.

Q: Josh East

Do you meditate or do any yoga, and if so, how does this effect your music writing?

A: Dimmat

The truth is I don’t meditate (at least in the traditional sense), or do any yoga of some kind. What I do is that I live in a cozy little countryside farmhouse on the outskirts of the island’s main city, along with my wife and my dogs (my kids!). Outside my window I see all these natural surroundings and elements. There is nothing else for miles around, so meditation comes as natural listening to just about everything. From crickets and frogs to the wind and the rustling leaves, to the waves thrusting on the beach.

Free Track Download – ‘Angelic Touch’ by Dimmat

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