May 10th, 2015

Artist: Lemonchill
Album Title: Fondest Memories (anthology)
Record Label: Bass Star Records | Geomagnetic
Website: http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com
Availability: Amazon | Beatport | iTunes | Spotify

Israeli producer/DJ, Idan Or grew up and embraced multi-genre and multi-cultural music types from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the electronic hemisphere ranging from industrial, gothic, synthpop, ambient, chill out, lounge, trance and crossing over to jazz.

After completing his studies at BPM Music College in Tel Aviv, Idan released several CD album releases under the Lemonchill brand. He compiled two successful chillout compilations for Uxmal Records; “The Chill Spectrum” and “When Melancholy Speaks”. To name a few, his music has also been featured on various compilation albums such as “Goa Beach Vol.12” and “Shanti Bar Vol.1”. Idan has remixed projects for Ambiosphere Records and Altar Records. He has also performed at international music festivals like Hadra (France) and Aurora (Alaska).

In October of 2014, Lemonchill released his “Fondest Memories” off Bass Star Records. The project presents a collection of 10 prolific down tempo and psychedelic ambient songs from the past, well worth the anthology sub title. As an anthology, this project has been mixed down, sequenced and overall produced very well for a positive one-hour solo yoga session or in a yoga class. In the intro, you’ll find yourself getting into an instant groove, as you find your relaxed state in between tracks and poses along the way.

Lemonchill and Bass Star Records have kindly provided a complimentary music download offer of track title “Mantra” down below.

Artist Q&A w/ Lemonchill

Q: Josh East

How have people generally communicated with you about using your music to meditate to or practice yoga with?

A: Lemonchill

Yes countless times, whether I was contacted by fans on Facebook messaging me that they use my music while meditating or doing yoga exercises or by email where people asked me if they can use my music in their yoga classes.

Q: Josh East

Earlier in a conversation, you mentioned that you’ve tried yoga a few times. Do you think you’ll ever give yoga a shot again, and if so, what part of the yoga experience did you most resonate with?

A: Lemonchill

I did yoga a few times before and found it to be very relaxing, refreshing and honestly felt some muscles I never knew existed in my body. It was nothing serious just a few basic yoga exercises to relax and stretch my body and muscles.  Do I see myself doing yoga in the future?  Probably yes, whenever I will feel like it or that my body needs some good stretching and my mind needs some relaxation.

Free Track Download – ‘Mantra’ by Lemonchill

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