Living well: 4 wellness practices to begin in 2018

Jan 25th, 2018

There’s no time better than the start of the year to work on your wellness. It’s something that many people put on the backburner or don’t bother with at all, but when you follow the right wellness practices, you’ll find yourself feeling much happier and more satisfied with life. And the best part is that you don’t need to make any major changes or spend hours out of your day to do it. Here are four simple, effective wellness practices that are perfect for kicking off 2018.

Letting Go of Negative Thoughts and Emotions

One of the first things to understand about wellness is that you won’t be well if you carry around negativity and stress. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest issues many people have. They turn even minor issues into major events in their lives, letting these things bring them down and ruin their mood. You’ll enjoy life much more if you carry a positive attitude with you throughout the day. When something gets you down, accept it, feel that emotion, and then let it go. If you find yourself dwelling on a problem, stop and ask yourself if it’s something that will still matter to you a year or two down the road. That almost always puts problems into perspective and helps you realize that they aren’t that bad.

Taking Yoga Classes

When it comes to improving your life, it’s hard to top yoga, because it benefits you in so many different ways. You’re doing a physical activity, which is good for your overall health. You’re improving your flexibility, which helps prevent injuries and alleviates many common aches and pains. And you’re relaxing, which is key in ridding yourself of stress.
Taking even a couple yoga classes per week can make an immediate positive impact on your life. Keep in mind also that you can do yoga on your own. It’s good to go to some classes, especially as a beginner, to get guidance from a qualified instructor. But you can also watch videos and go through the poses at home or anywhere else you feel like it.


Meditating is an easy way to clear your head, and it’s particularly useful when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. There are different types of meditation you can try, but the simplest is to get in a comfortable position and spend a few minutes or longer clearing your mind. It’s okay to have thoughts come into your head, but you should let them go instead of focusing on them. You can meditate at home or do it whenever you’re under a lot of pressure and could use some mental relief. Many yoga classes also include a meditation portion. It can also help to get a muscle testing guide to help you determine where your biggest stress points are, so you can focus on them while you meditate.

Spending More Time Outdoors

It’s easy to forget about how good it feels to be outdoors when you spend most of your life inside. Not only is being among nature great for your mood, but it can also provide health benefits.
Try to do at least one outdoor activity per day. Hikes are an excellent choice, but this doesn’t need to be anything long. You could skip your usual workout at the gym and go for a run in the park instead. Another option would be to take a nice walk on your lunch break instead of eating at your desk. See what best fits your schedule and lifestyle so that you can stick to it.
You can improve your wellness quite a bit just by forming a few new habits. Start with the four practices above and you’ll likely notice yourself feeling better right away.

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