Jul 3rd, 2017

Getting inside the mind of an artist, let alone trying to understand that mind, is truly a complicated task. Artists usually view the world a little differently than the average person. They dream, they create, and they use the world around them as their inspiration.

World famous artist Daniel Mazzone is one of the select few in today’s society that has learned to channel his inner thoughts through meditation to create chateau gonflable masterpieces that have some calling him the next Andy Warhol. His art has been bought by countless celebrities, world famous athletes and art collectors.

Asana Journal sat down with Daniel exclusively to get into his mind and learn more about how meditation / a healthy active lifestyle plays an important part of his art process, and how he went from being homeless to one of the most in-demand artists today…


You used to be homeless before finding your passion for art and it bringing you success. What was your mindset like during those years you were living on the streets in Toronto, Canada?

My mind set wasn’t very hopeful. Most days I tired too find a small piece of happiness to get through the day. most days were just spend trying to survive. I guess you could say my mind set was survival mode most of the time.


Were you a spiritual person growing up? And are you one today?

I believe very much in positive energy and karma. Giving to the world what you want back; Paying all good things forward… Spiritual in that sense defiantly.


After getting off the streets, what was your fitness routine like to get your body/mind rejuvenated? 

After getting off the street I was so happy to start living a healthier life. I went a little nutty with it I was going 7 days a week for two to three hours. Eating healthy and juicing… Still a very important part of my day and life…(more)


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