Ovnimoon & Itzadragon

Jun 10th, 2015

Artist: Ovnimoon & Itzadragon
Album Title: PAZ Vol.2
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Website: https://soundcloud.com/ovnimoon
Availability: Amazon | Beatport | iTunes | Spotify

Chilean Dj/composer Hector Stuardo, created psy-progressive project Ovnimoon back in 2012, and is known as one of the most popular trance projects in South America today. Hector also writes chill music under the alias OM, which has been previously reviewed in the ASANA journal. Outside of Ovnimoon, Hector has released other projects, as of which in his sophomore release, “Human Spirit” several tracks were re-edited for compilation records with Yellow Sunshine Explosion & Ministry Of Sound.

Progressing, Hector launched his 4th album “Geometric Poetry” that reached #1 in specialty retailers Saikosounds and Psyshop, collectively within one-week of its release date. Today, Hector is an ambassador of Chilean trance music, where he has participated at major events from Earthdance Chile, Chile Love Parade, Monte Mapu Festival and endless festivals throughout Santiago.

Back in late 2012, the ASANA Journal reviewed Vol.1 of the PAZ (Spanish for ‘Peace’) project. Almost three years later, Vol.2 comes strong with double-CD status, featuring 20 tracks, alongside with Rocio Isabel Itza a.k.a Itzadragon and better known as Dew, who’s also from Chile, and currently resides in the UK.

Perfect for the eccentric yogi, Vol.2 contains just over 160 minutes of ancient, spiritual and transcending psychedelic soundscapes, presenting a peaceful spectrum of sound ranging from Ambient, Downtempo to Progressive Chill with a collective of artistry from around the globe. Ambient & Downtempo tracks with a spiritual, ethno & emotional touch are represented by artists like Ascent & Argus, Atom Based, Logical Elements, Metamorphosis, OM, Ren Toudu, Virlyn and Hataken featuring Naomi Jean. In the psychedelic downtempo selection, the project presents transcending creations by Biolab, Flux Natura, Twin Shape, Ovnimoon & Barby. The progressive chill ascension goes with fine works by Amos, Beat Thief, Dream Stalker and Solar Kid featuring Michele Adamson.

Where sun salutations spread to full moon yoga, bouncy castle PAZ 2 fills the void within all spans of asana postures, assisting the yogi to bring back balance mentally, physically and spiritually through power of intention. The world music influence touches on the very core of our existence, eliminating disunited tendencies that the world is often faced with.

Ovnimoon Records has kindly provided a complimentary music download offer of track title “The Poetry of Man” down below.

Free Track Download – ‘The Poetry of Man’

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