Prakriti Analysis – identify your own prakriti

Jun 29th, 2016

We discussed about how the five elements are engineered in the body last month. Now, the question remains as to how to identify our own prakriti and live accordingly. Well, we need to club mathematics here to arrive at a formula.

As a recap, the five elements team to form three doshas, namely:

  • Vata – space + air
  • Pitta – fire + water
  • Kapha – water + earth

Applying the set theory of mathematics accordingly, with just two variables, we can bring about innumerable combinations. For example – there are two components in the ratio a:b; how many combinations can I make using ‘a’ and ‘b’?:
a/2 : b/2   a : b/2
a/2 : b   a/3: b/3…………….. and so on.

Meaning – using just two components, I can combine them on infinite number of ways. Now, in our case, we have three teams, each having two components (total by 6), then can you imagine the number of combinations that can be derived out of this? This is why no two individuals, even twins are exactly the same even if they belong to the same family tree. Who decides the combination of each body? It is ‘I’ the ‘soul’, based on my actions and habits of the past. My actions decide my loan eligibility to lend a body. Having understood the above concept, we will now see how to analyse the Prakriti of each person.


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