Prakriti – Factors and Facts

Jul 19th, 2016

It is always interesting to understand the intricacies of nature and the various ways in which it casts its magic. In this fast moving world, we hardly take a minute to stop and realise the purpose of life, what is the actual reason behind the problems we face and how we can correct them. Are we responsible for the health issues and emotional issues we confront in our life, or is there anyone else who is responsible?

The moment we start the journey within ourselves, understanding our thoughts, where and how we go wrong, be rest assured that we have arrived at the solution. Understanding the human creation has two important aspects – metaphysical and physical. This concept of prakriti unfolds the mysteries of the physical aspects of human existence.

So far, we discussed in detail about the how the five elements combine in various proportions to form the ever expanding varieties of human bodies. Well, the human body is toboggan gonflable only a part of nature. As a matter of fact, each and every physical thing on earth is made of the five elements. Accordingly, the food that each one of us consumes is also composed of earth, fire, air, space and water. Our diet needs to synchronise according to our body composition. For example, if I am a pitta predominant person and I am consuming foods that are pitta aggravating in nature, I am likely to suffer from a disease due to pitta vitiation in the body. There are some laws according to which the prakritic food therapy works. Let us see further.


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