Ryan Farish

Jul 4th, 2015

Artist: Ryan Farish
Album Title:  Spectrum
Record Label: Rytone Entertainment
Website: www.RyanFarish.com
Availability: Amazon | Beatport | iTunes

American producer, DJ and Billboard-charting artist Ryan Farish just released his highly anticipated album titled ‘Spectrum’ on June 30th. A year in the making, Spectrum shines like no other featuring 20 tracks with his trademark sound deep-rooted through his musicianship skills.

Not all electronic music is created for the festivals and the nightlife industry. For the discerning listener searching for something a bit deeper, perhaps the audiophiles of the electronic-sphere just may resonate with Ryan Farish. By avoiding trends and making music that touches deeper parts of the soul, Ryan’s sound is for the artist working on their masterpiece, the student in need of a soothing soundtrack while studying for exams, the meditator on retreat or the yoga instructor looking for something new for their class.

These 20 new symphonic-laced tracks on Spectrum run the gamut of sounds, emotions and experimental production techniques. Ryan has contributed a work of art that moves electronic music past EDM and into something of pure substance. Tranquil piano melodies combined with invigorating beats and a smorgasbord of tempos provide a setting of comfort and serenity. As one song flows seamlessly into the next, Spectrum takes you on a mind-expanding journey where sounds are visualized as color and music is in its rightful place as an agent of healing and solace.

Ryan’s label, Rytone Entertainment has gladly provided track title ‘Sanctuary’ off Spectrum as a free music download offer for ASANA Journal readers. N’ Joy!

Artist Q&A w/ Ryan Farish

Q: Josh East
I find it fascinating how your fan base can listen to a track and automatically resonate with it, saying that’s a Ryan Farish track. How do you think such fans connect with your music DNA, so to speak, in order to make that connection?

A: Ryan Farish
I’m not really sure. Sonically I have worked hard to create sounds, and tones that I feel express my “musical voice” and I try to make that somewhat unique to me. But even early on I could never escape or create any music that went undetected as me. We all have a unique voice, whether it’s with vocals or instruments, design, etc.

Q: Josh East
With such great supporting fans, have you ever come across one that practices yoga and mentioned the use of your music in their yoga, meditation or simple relaxation technique?

A: Ryan Farish
Absolutely! Occasionally I have received emails mainly from instructors who use it to lead their classes. I’m honored when another professional incorporates my music into whatever it is they do, whether it’s video, design, dance, yoga, etc.

Free Track Download – ‘Sanctuary’

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