Sahasrara Chakra The Crown Chakra

Sep 1st, 2017

The crown chakra, as it is called, represents true radiance of the self. The word ,sahasrara, literally means “one thousand”. So for this chakra the number of petals is one thousand. A person experiencing sahasrara awakening becomes illumined like a bright essence of light.

Sahasrara is sometimes not mechanical bull for sale considered as a chakra because the experience at this level is of the beyond which is “enlightenment”. It partakes all the other chakras and gives an aspirant the realisation of transcendence. The aura of the individual is constantly radiant

Sahasrara is the proper and progressive ascension of the kundalini energy through all the chakras. Thus the true potential of the chakra is not in the chakra but is in sahasrara. The experience of sahasrara is the experience of the formless by the form. So it is considered to be formless and form at the same time.

When the awakening of sahasrara happens in an individual, the person reaches the super-conscious state of awareness which is termed samadhi, nirvana, kaivalya. At this level, the individual awareness is achieved, the seer, the seeing and the seen merge into one form and there is no dual awareness. There is no separation as dual awareness, as human we exist in dual awareness, that is, sensual awareness (awareness of the senses) and mental awareness (awareness of time space and object). When a yogi is at the meditative level of sahasrara, the awareness is of the individual self in jumpers for sale harmony. This harmony is the merging of Shiva (conciuosness) and Shakti (energy). When this happens, there is absolute silence.

Element: Cosmic energy or thought
Colour of the Element: Bright Light (Can be experienced as White Colour)
Aspect: Liberation Seed
Sound: Silence
Predominant sense: Enlightenment
Sense Organ: Pituitary and to some extent, pineal gland
Number of Petals: 1,000
Colour of Petals: Vermilion Orange

Traditional Symbology

The Sahasrara is described as having 1,000 multi-coloured petals which are arranged in 20 layers, each of them with approximately 50 petals. The pericarp is golden and a circular moon region is inscribed on it with a downward pointing triangle.

Chakra Location

The Sahasrara is located either at the top of the head, or a little above it.

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