Simple Beet Salad with Fresh Cilantro

Aug 17th, 2016

When we look into ancient foods, beets are on the top of the list. They used to grow along coastlines in North Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Delicious and naturally sweet with an earthy flavour, beets contain a variety of health-boosting nutrients.

Eating beets help in :

  • lowering blood pressure
  • boosting stamina and immune system
  • reducing inflammation
  •  detoxifying the body


1 large beet, ½ tsp of balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp hinchables of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, freshly chopped cilantro


  • Rinse beet, peel and cut in equal cube size and steam for 20 minutes
  • In a large bowl, mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cilantro, salt and pepper
  • Let cool down at room temperature or in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

Note: You can enjoy beets in many ways, such as by grating it raw or by juicing

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