Swadhisthana Chakra: the Sensual Chakra

Aug 13th, 2017

Chakras are the full potential ability of a person. It is so believed that one can reach the highest form of consciousness progressively by activating these chakras. In science, it has been proven that an average person uses a very small fraction of the brain and other areas of the brain remain dormant. Gaining mastery over the chakra system and using the focus of the mind as a tool to influence the energy flow of a chakra helps a person to grow in the psychic realm exploring the hidden potential of the brain. This in turn awakens the psychic and mental bodies, making it possible for one to experience higher planes of consciousness which are normally inaccessible. The chakras mainly are seven in number. In January, we explained Mooladhara Chakra. This month, we continue with the sensual chakra – Sawdhisthana Chakra.

Swadhisthana means “one’s own dwelling place”. The word is comprised of two Sanskrit words, swa – one’s own and Adhisthana -residence. The normal understanding of this chakra is inflatable water slide associated with the material world in the basic human way, whereas it is the residence of our karmas. As this chakra is considered to be the essence of bringing life form into existence, one’s impressions of the past life karmas and samskaras (archetypes) are held at the depth of this chakra.

This chakra represents one’s true nature of living. According to yoga, this is the centre from where all the mental impressions lead a person to express him/herself in the world.

The level of being at this level of chakra seeks all forms of pleasurable sensations. One is focused more on gaining pleasure through sense organs in the form of food, sex, wine etc.

The energy in Swadhisthana chakra is influenced by the water element. This chakra is related to procreation of life; thus it encompasses the planes of entertainment, joy, fantasy and sex. This chakra is located at the reproductive and urinary area in the gross body, whereas physiologically, it relates to the prostatic or utero-vaginal plexus of nerves.

The point of location is two inches below the coccyx (tip of the tail bone) above the anus.

Element: Water
Colour of the Element: White, light blue
Aspect: Creativity, fantasy, sensuality
Seed Sound: Vum
Predominant Sense: Taste
Sense Organ: Tongue
Prana: Apana
Number of Petals: Six
Color of Petals: Red

Traditional Symbology

Traditionally, the chakra is symbolised by a six petalled orange-red lotus. At the centre of the lotus is a crescent moon sharing two circles. In the small inner circle is an ocean representing the water element. The larger outer circle has a white crocodile in the centre which symbolises the basic movement of the karmas. On the seat of the crocodile is the beeja mantra – vum.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

1. Lie flat on the stomach with legs straight and arms resting by the sides of the body with palms facing upwards.
2. Place the palms of the hands on the mat besides the chest and slightly below the shoulders with fingers together and pointing forwards., keeping the elbows closer to the sides of the body. Turn the toes of the feet under. Place the chin on the floor with the eyes closed.
3. Push the floor gently with the hands and slowly raise the head, lifting the chin up so that the neck is compressed.
4. Lift the shoulders and the chest using the arm muscles, broaden the chest and keep the elbows slightly bent; the pubic bone stays in contact with the inflatable slide floor with your navel 3 to 5 inches above the floor.
5. Feel a gentle stretch on the front of the abdomen and arch the back using the back muscles.
6. If the navel is too high from the floor, the bend is in the knees not in the back. Concentrate on keeping the navel closer to the floor.

Breath Retention and Chakra Location

While lying on the floor with the hands by the sides of the body, inhale deeply, rise to the final position and hold the breath. Practise inner breath retention; hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds and take the awareness to the end of the spine at the tip of the tail bone. Fix the awareness 2 inches below the tip of the tail bone; experience a small imaginary point 2 inches below the tip of the tail bone just above the anus. This point is the seat of swadhisthana chakra.

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