Taking Yoga out in the Nature

Oct 3rd, 2017

To establish the beneficial effects of yoga practised in the midst of nature, let’s consider a few facts that will help inspiring us to go out for maintaining our fitness. The very first thing that actually makes us believe in wonders is the pace of time that seems to accelerate. Precisely, we hardly feel the time that has been dedicated to workout sessions. Moreover, we also do not feel the stress on our body as the freshness in the atmosphere seems to absorb it all. Along the strenuous sessions we can well enjoy the beauty of the environment which eventually proves to be the nutrition for our mind. The best part is that we end up more time working out without even realising it.

The external variants of nature, like wind, temperature, etc actually let us work out a lot more helping to burn more calories than we normally with our regular gym equipment. The same goes when walking on a treadmill and walking through a rough terrain are compared. Who wouldn’t like to embrace inflatable water slide a fitness program that is cost efficient or let’s put it as close to no cost at all. Memberships of fitness centres do hit the pocket and if a personal trainer is sought for, the pocket stands almost drilled. Now, if we can have all the sessions out in the nature, we do not have to worry about costs because the best things in nature are free. Taking

Nature has always been known to act as a revitalizing agent, so why not reap the fruits of rejuvenation, inhale fresh air, present the eyes with a sight of bounty, rest in the arms of dawn and fill our lives with happiness?

Conducting yoga sessions out in Nature helps one gain sunlight which is a great source of Vitamin D, the fresh air inhaled during mornings can prove instrumental in detoxifying the body and you feel beautiful from within

So, are we ready to take our yoga practice out in nature?

Tania Lobo is a British yoga instructor and a student of the same discipline, who began her journey with yoga 20 years back. She holds education qualifications in yoga therapy as well as teaching yoga, and is currently pursuing her PhD, with organic yoga clothing being one of the subject disciplines. Through her articles, she wishes to share her wealth of knowledge and occasionally writes for Carrot Banana Peach at http://www.carrotbananapeach.com</p”>


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