The Ancient Concept of Genetics Prakriti

May 31st, 2016

“That’s how I am! This is my nature!” – is a common phrase we hear from almost everyone we meet, starting from our dearest sweethearts to a newly added “friend” on Facebook. Well, though expressed in typical situations, it is an absolutely true fact that people behave according to the programming done in the computer called – the body, by the programmer called – the mind.

Man from time immemorial has been searching the skies, oceans, fire, earth and finally the space infinite to understand his identity by answering at least one of these questions:

• How come two kids born to same parents are not the same?

• How come even twins differ in their body and function?

• Who actually decides our genetic coding?

• Why are people different physically and mentally?

• Biology, chemistry, medicine, research and tests – does all these hold answers about the mystery of the creation and the creator?

• What is the connection between “me” as an entity and “nature”?

Well, humans have mastered to travel beyond the physical limitations. We have the capability to manipulate anything outside us, even the celestial bodies like asteroids. Unfortunately,chateau gonflable we haven’t been successful enough to convincingly arrive at a stable answer for at least one of the above mentioned questions.

It is time to stop searching outside, and start the journey within in the path of silence to understand the roots of “science”. Silence is the creator of science.

According to the above verses in the Ayurveda – the life force or consciousness – the soul, enters the rudimentary mass of flesh in the mother’s womb from 3rd to 4th month of conception. This is when our preparation to enter the world begins. We give vital energy for further development of the human form. The quality of the body is entirely dependent on the quality of the soul operating it.


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