The Pyramid of Evolution

Jun 29th, 2017

Prana is a frequency which is present in every spec of Creation. Prana emerged from Brahma (Creator) and divided into different frequencies or vibrations. The subtler frequencies stilled themselves beyond the prithvi loka or physical dimension, into in higher dimensions, that is, bhuva, maha, jana, tapa and satya. The grosser frequencies stilled themselves in the lower dimensions – the taals. Prithvi loka or earth is the only dimension, where all these frequencies are accessible to a being and they exist in a pyramidal structure.

The grossest frequencies form the base of the pyramid, and the subtlest frequency are at the top. If you look at a pyramid, you will find that there is a lot of space at the base of the pyramid – majority of people we meet and interact with exist in this plane. They spend their lives in pursuit of basic desires – food, sex, money etc. As one moves up the pyramid – the number of people reduces, while at the top there is only room for one, because only so many have the entitlement to access the Ultimate. A living proof of this is just look around yourselves and tell how many people are actually doing service and charity and helping others and how many are living for themselves.

Yogis sitting in dhyan on the Himalayas still themselves in subtler frequencies gaining access to the world of ether, to devs and devis.These Rishi munis are using their tapobal to keep the creation going. And they appear in front of and help the souls / beings who wish to go beyond, away from the crowd, at the base of the pyramid. The pyramid is so designed that the tip attracts maximum energy of the higher frequencies and the lower parts maximum energy of the lower frequencies. Stilling the prana indicates having complete control over it and this happens, not per force, but naturally. It is like building a dam on the river, the water is there but it is in your control when, where and how much to release. This, in fact, is the underlying principle of Sanatan Kriya, which helps a practitioner to gain complete control over prana, from where it can be channelized as per one’s desire for desired manifestations.

Control over prana is essential for when you progress in yoga, you are given siddhis, siddhi is that what you want, happens. When you get the siddhis, you are at a level of balance, you get engrossed in them and don’t want to move upwards. Those siddhis then have to be left behind, that is an imbalance has to be created, only then will one moves towards a higher balance. These siddhis are considered pitfalls in yoga and are given to only those who have the capacity to overcome them and if the practitioner does not leave them at the time, he/she remains stuck. The closer you are to the bottom of the pyramid, the more you are tied to the force of gravity as you’re closest to the physical world. This force is so strong that it doesn’t even allow thoughts to go to the higher planes, forget action. That is the reason why you will hardly find anyone doing genuine service and charity around you or helping others. The basic principle of manifested creation is being bottom heavy or in other words, highly physical and selfish in nature, this blinding out the reality. It’s only when lightness emerges by karmas with the help of the Guru that the ascent happens. But the ascent also ties you with siddhis, because ultimately siddhis are either used for yourself or for creation.

Remember that the journey of yoga is in the shape of a pyramid. The higher you go, the lesser the number of people, because lesser is the accommodating power of every subsequent level. You will notice that as you progress on the path, you will be able to relate to lesser number of people. The closer you are to the base of pyramid, the more will be your attractions for the physical things but as you move up the attractions of physical start declining and your ability to attract things towards you increases. So no matter how cool or big you think you are, your desires and actions determine your state.  A higher frequency has all the lower frequencies in it, but a lower frequency does not have frequency which is required at a higher level. Therefore, what was required at a lower level is not required at a step higher and so is left behind, not forcefully, but naturally…(more)


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