Think beautiful, be beautiful

Jul 4th, 2015

A worthy gift speaks for itself, no matter how it is wrapped. And yes, this is the secret for a glowing skin. Now, let me unlock the secret for you. Your skin is the index of your health. If you are running a fever or having an upset stomach or depressed about life, your top brand fairness cream might deceive you. External treatments may make you fair, but your inner strength can make you glow.

Common mistake that costs a fortune

Humans and their response to anything physical or spiritual are highly relative, personalised and complex in their own way.bounce house for sale   The way one may seem and behave externally may not be the exact reflection of inner thought process. The beauty is that we hardly reconcile this fact. The consequence being – we constantly compare our mental and bodily make with fellow humans and at times even fellow habitants of nature. This is the first step to damage your personality.

You are unique and so do your body and the care it needs. Belief is power. So, believe that you are beautiful in your own way. This motivates you to present yourself better. Every action begins with a thought, and yoga helps you set your thought process right.

Impression is a child of comparison. Comparison gives rise to a false image about the self and further distances you from your original strength. As a result, one may end up giving the power of attorney for their self-confidence to make-up creams and facials. It’s time to come out of the cocoon. Being beautiful is being yourself and proud of it.


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