Transformative Sounds Vol.1 – Drones Space

Jan 9th, 2016

Artist: Torkom Ji
Album Title: Transformative Sounds Vol.1 – Drones Space
Record Label: Self released
Availability: Bandcamp

Live electronics musician, sound designer and founder of Quantum Harmonix, TORKOM JI established the first 432Hz based healing sound modality of its kind, which has revolutionized group sound healing experiences since the summer of 2012. By using the more natural and harmonic 432Hz tuning than the standard 440Hz, Torkom Ji allows the rich vibrations and frequencies to balance and restore one’s self. “This work comes from the Bouncy Castle deepest wells of cosmic love and gratitude, and has been crafted for shamanic journeys and cleansing,” mentions Torkom Ji.

The sound healing power behind Torkom has provided deep meditation and rejuvenation for those seeking such a transformation experience by using his unique arrangement at various therapeutic sound spaces or yoga studios and conscious-driven festivals (Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Shakti/Bhakti Fest, Indigo Vortex). He’s also expanded his live offerings to corporate offices and private parties.

With studies in music, vibration, energy and the practice of meditation and martial arts, Torkom has unified these interests through live production qualities; guiding practitioners into deep states of consciousness through the use of natural harmonics and overtones. While in deep relaxation, these natural movements through sounds is then self-guided by one’s own body intelligence that facilitates an elevated level of healing, or what has been coined as a ‘sound bath.’

As for the “Transformative Sounds Vol.1 – Drones Space”, this album has been designed for meditative and transformative work. Yogis may be drawn to put this album on for simple deep relaxation while in shavasana. Torkom Ji explains and suggests that, “These sounds have the power to bring one to a very natural and deep healing state within the body. Relax, take some full breathes, and sink into this blend of pure 432Hz tuned healing drones, soundscapes, overtones, and harmonics.”

Torkom has kindly provided Breathe Beats readers with a donation based download offer of his first album, released in September of 2013, titled “Hieroglyph” – also composed around 432Hz harmonic tuning.

Artist Q&A w/ Torkom Ji

Q: Josh East

When you practice yoga, do you ever listen to music, and if so what genre(s) of music do you tune into? Also, what style of yoga resonates most with you?

A: Torkom Ji

I like to go by the definition of yoga as “union”. For me, every day is a yogic practice of remembering breath, silence, and of coarse a practice of asana. I feel most at home by listening to healing soundscapes while allowing my inner intelligence to guide my movements and forms. Its a very natural process that always successfully relaxes my mind while relieving tension in all the right places.

Q: Josh East

I’ve had the pleasure of recently experiencing one of your live ‘sound bath’ events. It seemed that many participants stayed in shavasana, while a few of us were drawn to lite body movement or simple asanas. Do you see your audience actively practicing yoga during these live sessions?

A: Torkom Ji

The beautiful thing about how these sounds are created is that they are very allowing and malleable for the given situation. You could listen to them in pure stillness, or while in an active physical state. Either way, the dynamic and harmonic nature of the sounds work to offer you whatever it is that you require in that given state. During a yoga class or session, you could typically expect more of a flow with beats and a progression which ultimately leads into an extended shivasana, in which the sounds become more dynamic and pronounced while you soak in the healing vibrations, then closing with 2-3 minutes of silence.


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