Trinaural In Dub – Haiku

Jan 25th, 2016

Artist: Trinaural (Gorgias Romero)

Album Title: Trinaural In Dub – Haiku

Record Label: Ovnimoon Records


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Haiku is form of Japanese Poetry, a very short and concise art, its essence is kiru(cut), represented by juxtapose two images or ideas; creating a contrasting effect. The Haiku concept, in musical terms, relates to Trinaural In Dub.

Santiago, Chili based producer, Gorgias Romero is Trinaural, who uses field recordings, atmospheres, drones and sound design, to embody juxtaposes into his musical soundscapes. Trinaural invites his inspired ambient music from early decades, eliminating compressed production, where the listener may feel his or her appreciation in every detail of the total music composition.

With around 20 projects under his belt, Trinaural presents his Haiku release for all who are looking for a lite momentum pick-up, relaxation, meditative and yogic experience across the board.

The second track off Trinaural In Dub, is ‘Dreamcatcher’ – a free track download offer for Breathe Beats readers, providing a 7-minute dreamscape for the modern yogi; perfect for an asana intro. N’Joy!

Artist Q&A w/ Trinaural

Q: Josh East

Some yogis may conceptualize juxtaposes as a yin and yang style of release, providing a light and dark experience. How did the haiku concept come to you in form of music to help explain this concept for listeners?

A: Trinaural

Well, I first knew Haiku through books of Japanese Poetry, as I’ve always admired the Japan Culture, its simplicity, symbolism and elegance. Then I get tons of inspiration to make music, and if you think there’s always some light & dark in life, but they are parts of the same, as day/night, summer/winter, etc. So juxtapose is a concept presented everywhere, and of course in music as a nice atmosphere drone sound almost not present, and another musical idea in front of that as a recording from a nature source.

Q: Josh East

In the form of a relaxed or meditative state, most of these poses may be classified as an asana yoga pose. Have you practiced any form of yoga in such a state, and if so, how have you embraced it in your life in your personal life and as a producer?

A: Trinaural

I am relatively new to yoga, but beginning to practice it, although I have practice Zazen for many years. I think everyone must try to be in a state of fullness and meditation in all aspects of personal life and work. Especially in making art, one must try to be one with the message – not artist and art, but one.

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