Turmeric and Diabetes

May 10th, 2015

Turmeric is a sought-after Indian spice and is widely used in almost all the native delicacies that belong to this part of the Asian continent. Apart from adding taste, this golden yellow tuber adds years to the human lifespan through its powerful disease fighting chemical compounds, especially diabetes. Though the scientific community keeps throwing research facts back and forth on bringing the adamant sugar levels under control, this efficient yet humble herb does it all.

‘Too much of sugar in blood’ is a crude way to understand diabetes. It is actually a reflection of faulty metabolism as a whole. There could be innumerable causes for diabetes. A small glitch in any of the metabolic pathways involved in the digestion and absorption of any nutrient can lead to imbalance in the blood glucose quantity. Now why should it matter if your sugar levels are high?

Glucose is a readily usable form of energy source which your body needs to carry on its functions. So, right from cellular level glucose utilization is continuous for all the activities. World over, sugar and fats occupy a large portion of human diet and glucose levels are influenced mainly by these two nutrients. The glucose thus derived is distributed to various body parts by the vehicle called ‘blood’. So, there are two different scenarios possible if this glucose absorption and distribution doesn’t happen properly:

1. Tendency for the blood sugar to increase – diabetes
2. Tendency for blood sugar levels to drop – hypoglycaemia


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