Turn Your New Year’s Re-Solutions into Re-Affirmations!

Nov 5th, 2017

Happy 2012! So how many of you who made a New Year’s resolution are still keeping up with it? Believe it or not, statistics show that by the second part of January, 90% of people break or abandon their New Year’s resolutions. Do you wonder why that is? Well, I have an idea and believe that it’s the word “resolution” itself. You see, the word “resolution” is in reality a “re-solution.” When you “re-solve” to do something, you’re “re-solving” a problem or a situation. So when you make a New Year’s “resolution” or “re-solution,” the underlying message is that you’re attempting to “re-solve a problem” in your life. Whenever you perceive aspects inflatable games for sale of your life as a problem, your consciousness automatically perceives them as negative or unwanted aspects of yourself that you have to rid in order to be perfect, happy, etc. This type of thinking only generates low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness that in turn compound your attitude of failure and frustration. So it’s no wonder that people lack commitment and abandon their hopes and dreams that they make with enthusiasm at the New Year.

So I invite you to consider the possibility that rather than making a New Year’s “resolution” you make a New Year’s “re-affirmation” for what you want to manifest in 2012! How does that sound to you? Say to yourself – “I’m making a New Year’s REAFFIRMATION!” When you say this phrase, you begin to “affirm” aspects of your life that are already great and working for you. You focus on all the empowered choices you’ve already made rather than on “re-solving” all the problems you believe exist in your life.

In the fields of cognitive psychology and neurolinguistics, our language and our words have a very powerful impact on how we act and how we live. In neuroscience, this concept is known as creating a “neural net”. The thoughts and words that we choose to believe about ourselves rewire our brain physiology eventually creating a neural net that reinforces these patterns of consciousness. In essence, your thoughts literally influence your health and wellbeing. As the Buddha eloquently stated, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world.” This quote is relevant to our discussion. When you shift your thoughts and language from “re-solving” a problem to “re-affirming” an intention, you in turn alter your consciousness from viewing your life as a series of pesky problems to one of joyous affirmations.

So here’s a great exercise you can do. Make a list of three aspects of your life that you already do really well. Have this list near you at all times by keeping it on your phone, in your wallet or purse, or on your office desk. This “affirmation” list creates the foundation for more change and transformation to occur in your life. Repeat these affirmations to yourself on a daily basis, or whenever you feel the need. You will quickly learn to take these newly created re-affirmations to begin the gradual steps to improve your life. The key word here is gradual. Deep and profound change rarely happens instantly or overnight. So be patient and compassionate to yourself, knowing the great news is that you can enjoy your New Year’s reaffirmations all throughout 2012! Watch the full video clip on Youtube here to learn more!

So if you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolutions, I’m here to tell you that there’s still hope. The answer for you to fulfill your dreams and goals for the year and beyond is to transform your New Year’s “resolutions” to New Year’s “reaffirmations”.

About the Author
Dr Jay Kumar is a university professor and researcher in Los Angeles on Yoga studies, mind-body medicine, and the neuroscience of consciousness. Jay is also a certified Yoga and meditation instructor, motivational speaker, writer, and hosts the weekly national radio show “AWAKE with Dr Jay Kumar!” He recently co-founded the Holospheria Project, a global multi-media organization dedicated to helping people and the planet awaken to the emerging paradigm of empowered wholeness.

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