What is a Miracle? It is you…

Aug 14th, 2017

What is a Miracle? It is you …
Do you ever wonder about the inflables miracle of the world that surrounds you?
Take a moment and look around you..
Go on …
The skyscrapers,
The freeways,
The roads,
The single family homes,
The restaurants,
The shopping malls,
The movie theaters,
The concert halls,
Now look a little deeper … Go on …
The living beings that live amongst it all,
The trees,
The plants,
The livestock,
And all that prosper through it all,
The birds,
The bees,
The butterflies,
And now look even deeper … Go on …
The quantum formula that sustains it all …
The sun,
The moon,
And all the stars,
And now look even deeper … Go on …
And when you do, you will see the light,
The love and harmony that embraces it all,
In every waking breath of your lives,
And now look even deeper … Go on …
If perfection lies toboggan gonflable at the foundation of our lives,
And creation is the true essence of our hearts,
Then why all the wars and all the broken lives,
Why not indulge in the true beauty of
our minds,
And with love embrace the miracle that Is our lives.

Asana Journal

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